From cree




all 4500 k

what they may want to push is

70 CRI

cree also has

80 and 90 CRI in 4000k

Interested in 70.2 CW

Interested in 70.2 NW.

Interested in White Cool led.

We must prove there is a demand for it.

Interested in 4000K xhp70.2

Interest in 4000k NW or warmer in white depending on price.

interested in a white one with xhp70.2 in cw depending on price?

Interesting choice.I don't think there are many warm XHP70 light out there.

Indicate your choice in you reply if you.

Tint: NW (default)
Emitter: CREE XHP70 (default).


Interest List:

  1. freeme
  2. mizjif
  3. dmsoule
  4. Ewen
  5. WTF 70.2
  6. Boro
  7. validum 70.2 CW
  8. sless.
  9. I_SpY 70.2
  10. BeardedRaleigh 70.2
  11. westcoastwonders 70.2
  12. Itsme 70.2 CW
  13. firedome 70.2
  14. alex64 CW
  15. AEDe 4k NW 70.2
  16. Jtm94 4k NW 70.2
  17. jamaya 70.2

This thread seems to have slowed down really fast and the UT03 group buy thread (which is on hold) is still rolling along. I thought the possibility of XHP70.2’s would draw more interest.

Is there something about the MT03 that people don’t like?

MF01 is drawing all attention?

i will know after u buy their light :smiley:

Interested, depending on price and when the other GB coupons become available.

There are currently a few nice lights in the pipeline. Hopefully they won’t all be released at once, so my budget can be spread! :slight_smile:

Good NEWS!!!


We are glad to inform you that

MT03 II Devourer 3x CREE 70.2 Group Buy (exclusive) has been confirmed.

Please take note that MT03 II will be scheduled for public PRE-ORDER prior to actual Group Buy.


What’s the group buy price? Possibly interested in a neutral 70.2. Impressed with the haikelight I received yesterday.


I believe this is still 2S2P. Is there perhaps interest in 4S?

Interested depending on the price.