Interested in price on white one with NW tint thanks!

I’d be interested in one in white and NW tint. I have two of these lights already and love them. This would give me an excuse to experiment a little in some modifications of one or two of them.

Any idea on approximate price for a NW one?

Edit: I’ve just cancelled my order on GB, so I’m in for a NW ( preferably silver, but black is fine ).

Interested in a 70.2 NW.

Sorry, price is not fix.

Will request for it if there is even interest.


Interested in 70.2 CW

any idea how many lumens will it be?, over 12000 lumen i hope

Any chance of an MT-G2 variant?

you know for the tint snobs, PLEEESSSS

interested in cw/nw

Interested in 70.2 NW.

Interested! White 70.2 NW please. Could we get an approximate time when we will be able to place order? PM price if you know, thank you.

Was literally getting ready to order when I saw this thread, please let me know timeline so I can get one ordered.

Interested only if turbo is in the mode sequence.

May I ask you why ?

Because with a turbo in a mode sequence, it is one more mode to have to cycle through and when you leave the turbo, you are back to the lowest mode if the sequence is from low to turbo.
With a turbo by double clicking, you can turn in ON when you are in any other mode and, depending on the UI, you can return to your previous mode when you leave the turbo mode. You can go to turbo from OFF by double clicking or you can go from OFF to a memorized mode by single clicking. This type of UI is more useful IMO.
If turbo has a step down, how do you reactivate turbo ? By cycling again throught all mode while it is much better by another double clicking.

And for those asking for 70.2 :

Interested in a white with 70.2

Habilite Official?

The 70.2 in neutral white should look fine with an orange peel reflector. It should also run cooler allowing it to stay in a higher level without stepping down as fast, longer run times as well.

It’s also cheaper for anyone that wants to copy Tom E’s fet+ lumen monster since they won’t have to replace the led’s.

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