Great, glad it worked!

Yeah, after the normal LVP kicks in the power drops off really fast, which is why I am not bothered by the early LVP. If I really need the light on that long, I would rather extend the time I have it for vs a little longer at max power. But to each their own, nothing wrong with your setup if that is what you like.

Ya, by default MT03 TA LVP is finely tuned.

The thing is I use its turbo only, the FET mod and 6wires make LVP kick in very early, end up charging battery at 3.8v.

I mod the other MT03 TA with 4 wires, also changed R2 to 50k ohm. Don’t have suitable thicker wires, so have to squeeze 4 wires there, very close to shorting with reflector.

What battery are you using? You might want to try a higher drain like VTC5A or 20R.

You can also use Teflon coated wires since the insulation is thinner. Or use a single thicker wire like 14ga, etc…

Did you already bypass all of the springs?

I use VTC6, 30Q, HG2. VTC6 give best performance. I have enough high drain batteries, still have 20+ new batteries unused. So I am not getting any battery soon.
I have thicker wire but they are not rated as 200 degree c. I am using silicon wire that can withstand high temperature better. That’s why i squeeze 4 of them there. Springs are not bypassed, what i afraid bypassing spring will cook something because the current will be very high.

Using extra led wires has a similar effect of bypassing the springs, it reduces resistance and allows for more amperage to pass.

Ya, it has to balance, overdo will cause too high current. The FET and wires method is proven by my other MT03 TA, so i chose same method. Also i don’t like to mess with springs.

I’m curious. Do you know there is teflon treated fiberglass wrapped wire that can go very, very high temperatures?

I think it’s about 250c continuous. I have it in one of my heating platen on equipment i built back in the 90s. Still have some hanging around somewhere.

I definitely don’t have those. Is it soft and flexible like silicon wire?

It’s stiffer than silicone.

Silicone wires are really the best for our mod i guess. Inexpensive, soft, high flexibility and temperature resistant. I bought a few meter of black and red color many years ago and can’t finish them at all.

There are pros and cons to each. The Teflon insulation is thinner, so you can get more wires together without adding bulk and it can withstand higher temperatures. You see it used in high temp appliances like stoves, dryers, etc… the down side is it’s stiffer.

Silicone can’t handle the same high temperatures and is thicker, but it’s much more flexible.

It’s definitely better than the average low temp wire insulation you see on cheap wire.