Thank you I ordered the two xp-g 3

Thanks pal!

I just received my AT40 but I bought it from another site because Freeme’s GB wasn’t ready yet. The light looks great. It’s like an older sibling of the Reylight TiLan, which I think is the most beautiful compact flashlight ever. The tint is nowhere as green as the Astrolux S42 219c 5000k. The beam comparison in the OP is pretty accurate except the AT40 tint is a little more blue/magenta in person and appears more like 5700k. But I’m not a fan of 219c tint so when I receive my presoldered Optisolis and E21A MCPCB from Clemence, I will see if it fits. The light seems very mod friendly.

My TA lumen tube measures 800 lumens

I’m interested/It looks interesting.

Interested please



All replied.

Ordered both versions.

Thank you for your support! [quote=andyxxx] Ordered both versions. [/quote]

I got my Amutorch AT40 with 219C leds in. It is precisely as I expected which is mostly very positive.

-a bit weird, my hand keeps trying to slide the head for spot modus :person_facepalming:
-The body seems pretty indestructable
-The clip is extremely stiff but looks cool
-the clicky feels nice and firm (have not opened it up yet to see what type it is)
-the ledboard is 22mm
-mode order is high-med-low with memory
-I measure 820-300-30 lumen (@30sec)
-I have a new toy :innocent: :

(the luxvalue has no meaning in this measurement), the colour temp is 5200K, Ra is 74.4 CRI, and there is no measurable flicker, this light is current controlled. Further the tint is exactly on top of the black body line.

If I have some modding time in the coming month, the leds and board will be swapped, for a 4x4000K Optisolis on a XM-board.


No shipping notice yet… We in the People’s Republic of California get no love…

Do you think a MTN Quad XP, carclo optic and glass can fit in there? I want to build a medium power EDC with solid permanent clip and this one looks perfect.

Nice new toy BTW, hope to see a review of it :smiley:

It is your lucky day! The diameter of the Carclo quad is a perfect fit, but in the postion of the picture the legs sit on top of the board instead of in holes, so in a quad build it will sit a bit deeper (which is way better than if it sat too high :slight_smile: ). To get the height correct, under the ledboard a spacer (1.5mm?) is needed, I say an old 20mm ledboard with the circuitry sanded off.

The new toy will at least feature in a new luxmeter comparison (it also has luxmeter function), and in various little tests. But it is mainly for own experimentation and fun. It is a little Mavolux Base spectrometer and I forbid everyone to look up the price because it is pretty idiotic that I got myself one :person_facepalming:
(will postpone financial support of family for the next two years :frowning: )

Purchased the 4x Nichia version. Thank you sir!

Might have to order that to use as a throw (little more) option if I find I don’t like the mule aspect I ordered it for.

Guess a holiday in het amsterdamse bos has to do this year. :person_facepalming:

Did you get this one djozz??? :wink:

I think so.