I guess I failed as a flashaholic, think of what flashlight I could have bought :cry:

But it is huge fun!

It sure looks nice! I bet it is a lot of fun too…… :+1:

Wow that thing is quite expensive! Looking forward to your test results!

djozz, can you please tell if the driver is 20mm? Is it press fit or maybe glued?
Also, when you say that a spacer would be needed to fit the optics, you mean that to raise the MCPCB, right? Even with that “raising”, would there be space for a glass lens (above the optic)?

Thank you in advance! I’m still on the line to buy this or not, to mod it… :person_facepalming:

In the picture the optic sits flush with the head and would look the same after using a spacer under the MCPCB, so the glass would go on top of that. I normally don’t use glass on top of optics but it always depends on the waterproofing design, anyways this light looks very promising for modding and since it has a tail switch I don’t think the driver should be a problem. I think the pic of the driver in the OP is 17mm, glued on the other side maybe?

Yes, if you make the optic sit where it is in the picture, a glass lens (1.8x25mm, 2mm thick will work too) fits on top of it in place of the stock plastic lens.

The driver is 21.6 mm diameter, dunno if it is press-fit or glued but don’t worry, you will get it out.

djozz, many thanks on this information :blush:
About the driver, their AX1 has the driver glued, a bit harder for me to put it back in place, thats why I asked. On the other hand, their VG10 model has a press fit driver, easier to remove and replace. Oh well, guess I’ll have to find out which one is this afterall :smiling_imp:

Are coupons going out? I asked a week(s?) ago, and still have nothing.

Nice! Does the meter reliably report fast PWM/ripple in the tens of kHz? Like an Emisar at 15 kHz.

No, it does not do that. The specs say up to 6kHz but to be honest, at first glance I can’t interpret the numbers very well, have dive into that some time. And build up the lightsensor-handscope circuit (as described in Terry Oregon’s thread) to check it against.

I did check the spectra it produces with a helium lamp though, perhaps nice to see, the peaks are dead-on the nanometer (which I think is the most important parameter for the numbers it calculates to be correct), but the wavelength resolution is not as high as I would like to see (of course).

Pic from the internet with peak wavelengths:

The heliumlamp that I measured behind a slit and photographed through a diffraction grating (my phone camera appears to not pick up light over 670nm):

The spectrum produced by the Mavolux Base:

~2nm resolution of the Mavospec is still great!

Now you’ll have to download the IES TM-30-15 Excel calculator for deriving the new color rendering info from the spectra. Or does the Mavospec have the software for TM-30-15 calculation already?

edit: I see it does, nice.

Got mine in the mail on Saturday July 28. I realized the shipping notice went to my other email (sent 7/18/2018 from Banggood) so it seemed quick.

Sorry no pictures but here are my initial thoughts and observations:

  • Very nice feel in the hand with the Titanium body and the “knurling” is smooth but barely noticeable by feel (YMMV).
  • Fairly lightweight for its size even with a cell installed.
  • I got the Quad so it is a wall of light (mule or Sundrop style) and really for lighting up an area close by (I personally think it would benefit/improve from adding a wide angle TIR optic for it’s large head for which I may do).
  • I put in a button top Samsung 30Q and the head gets warm quick…. within a 5 to 10 secs on highest mode but will maintain it (haven’t tested how long). This light needs a high discharge capable cell with a flat top. The spring on the head/driver is stiff and seems to put pressure on the button of the cell especially with no tail switch spring requiring more effort to twist tight. I put in an old laptop-pull flat top cell and the head twist closed with less effort (however it could not keep high mode for more than 5 secs).
  • I agree with djozz’s comment on the clip but I think it is fine for my needs as I have not had an issue it.
  • The large head does make it a little awkward for front pants pocket EDC.

Received mine today, very quality flashlight my first titanium. Love the beam profile. I got the two xpg-3.

I just noticed the CRI 74, with 219C, what, why Amutorch?

Well the 219C 5000K is available in 70CRI… I bought 10 when I first dove in the high CRI world… D340 gives you some Lumens at least
Oh my, what an expensive mistake :person_facepalming:

freeme, are you still sending out coupons? I asked Tue, 07/10/2018 - 12:49 and still haven’t gotten a message.


I got mine today. Pretty happy with them. The one thing that I didn’t appreciate was the 2* xpg-3 had a little tint shift which I think is common for this led. Had my manker e14 with me for comparison which is left in all the pics

Received my AT40 more than a week ago and it was dead as the proverbial door nail. I have emailed Neal several times (most recent yesterday). I sent him the photos he asked for more than a week ago, and all I get in response is silence. BEWARE!! I’ll wait a few more days, and then it will be time to open a dispute with PayPal. BEWARE!

Neal isn’t the fastest to reply to messages, but in my experience he will solve your issues.

Which one of your AT40’s is the bigger one? The quad mule or the 2 x XPG-3? I thought they were the same size, but according to your photo one is bigger than the other.

Where can I get a clip like that (on your Manker E14) for my Manker E14?