Thank you

Interested please

Yes, I’m in.

I like it.
I am in.


i love 90degree lights

any idea where to buy it?

Could be interested.
Is it a clicky or e-switch ?

Electronic switch most likely. Description did mention long press to turn OFF.

yes, please

Group buy is confirmed.

Yes please.

I would like one too…… looks pretty sweet

Me too - more than one.

Yes, I’m interested as well…thank you.

Put me on the list please, looks interesting

We have not had a new light from EE in ages it would be great if they upgraded the X6 still one of my favorite lights!

I’d like at least one.

Looks like it could be a good host if it takes normal 17mm drivers.

Switch location probably means e-switch, illuminated maybe?

Anduril and a high cri emitter would be awesome.

The new Mountain Electronics boost driver and an xhp35 would be nice if the driver cavity is big enough.

Interested. :slight_smile:

Looks interesting. I may consider getting one as the first right angle light in my collection.


Hope for a NW version, or an easy LED swap.