me want! More modes please. Magnetic tail?

Yes please

Yes please

*Is that an e-switch or a clicky? (hope for clicky)
*does it start on low and does it have memory? (hope for yes/no)

I like it but why only 460 lumens?

To conserve power. Eagle Eyes are not really crazy about lumens game. Decent product at affordable price is their selling point. [quote=blueb8llz] I like it but why only 460 lumens? [/quote]

460 lumen is sustainable in a light of this size, so thermal stepdowns are not needed. And it is a great output for an EDC.

I will take one please.


Nice. I love the quality of the X6 and X2R lights/hosts I have.


Is the USB plug under a rubber flap on the side?

Any chance of Neutral white?

Any chance of a headband bundled with the light to use as a headlamp?

Interested for sure.

Also interested

I find the naming of Eagle Eye models a bit confusing.

for instance,
the EE X2R and X2 appears to be very similar lights (both look very similar to Convoy S2+), the “R” version having an addition of micro-USB rechargeable port.

the EE X6 and X6R also look similar physically, although the “R” version adds not just a micro-USB rechargeable port but also a side switch.

the EE X1 appears to be an AA/14500 light (in the style of Thorfire TG06S or Sofirn SF14),
whereas the EE X1R looks totally different (angle-head light) — taking 18650/18350 batteries.

I’m in

Nw 0ffering? If so yes!