enelong nimh

Got some with a nitecore flashlight. Obviously riding on the eneloop name. Made in china 2100mah. Anyone have any experience with them?

Yes i do.

They have a ‘2400mAh’ AA (and ‘900mAh’ AAA) version too, but they are also available under different brand names.

It seems the name ‘Enelong’ is being replaced by ‘BPI’ but for the rest they look identical, and i suspect the Topcraft® (ALDI) and IKEA cells are from the same factory or at least the same recipe.

Personally i’m very pleased with these very affordable NiHM batteries and i haven’t noticed they are weaker or lower capacity than Eneloop PRO, but i’m sure the difference will be noticeable in tests.


Not impressed after first charge. One of the 4 took over 8 hours at 300mah to charge 2100 mah battery. Now to run them.

If you can get them cheaper than the Panasonic eneloop pros then yes, they are worth the money.

AA: BPI 2400 (2490 mAh x 127) vs Panasonic eneloop pro (2436 mAh x 138)
AAA: enelong 900 (815 mAh x 219) vs Panasonic eneloop pro (933 mAh x 79)

AA Cycler

I bought some. They’re ok - capacity is reasonable, more or less stay charged. Didn’t buy any more after that though as the Tenergy LSD batteries aren’t much more and are much better (more “real” capacity, less self discharge) for not much more money. They’re a better alternative to Eneloops than Enelongs are.

Thanks for the input.