eneloop glitter 8 pack with charger 15.99 @ w00t (USA only)


not sure if this is a good deal or not

i paid about $12 for 4 of the 3rd gen AAs on amazon… not sure if these are 2nd or 3rd gen

Does anyone know shipping price to EU?

sure it is a good deal.
If I were in US, will be ordering one.

They do not ship outside of US. It is possible to use a forwarder but cost is a deal breaker.

Looks like a good deal!

US only.. pity..

they are 2nd gen.

Shipping is $5 per order, maximum of 5 packs per customer.

I think it’s an okay deal. You’re better off just getting those 4-pack duraloops on clearance in the other thread if you already have a charger. Not glitzy looking batteries, but who needs glitzy batteries when you normal never see them when they’re covered up in your device

If there was no $5 shipping fee, then it would be a much better deal.

The charger is junk. Not much point in going for eneloop if your not using a quality smart charger.

Well, you buy 5 packs and then it’s $1 a pack. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

You can buy multiple packs and then put them in lights based on the colors. Then when you’re charging the batteries you know how you had them grouped. IE: The 4 green are used together in the D40A and the 2 red ones in the L2d, etc, etc…

Yes, but you can’t generally get 8AA eneloops without a charger for $15.99, so the charger can get tossed in the trash or a junk draw/box/bin.