Enerdan GmbH present itself on the BLF as a battery assembler

How to participate in a groupbuy? How much discount can we get?

And you get the same Panasonic/Sanyo cells with a cheap china shrink wrap for less than a third…no one(but you) compares enerdan with ultrafire. And yes you can easily claim defective batteries, I had bought a soshine 26650 with a small rip on the wrap and I got instantly the full price(8.99:money_mouth_face: refunded.

But the 26650 seem to be really good cells and if these would cost about 10-15Euro i would buy them instantly. That would be double the price of other 26650.

And it would be nice if you answer the questions on eBay…

I said overpriced because you use Sanyo/Panasonic brand cell (like Keeppower, Efest, Nitecore and other brands do), and then rewrap them. That’s why I said “premium wrap” :slight_smile:
On the other hand you are from Europe, and thus we need to add 15-20% to that price, that’s why they seem overprices. I’m quite sure if you do the same rewrap work in China, same quality wrap, it will cost much less.
Again, please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you have bad cells, but for BLF’ers, your prices are quite high :~ But hey, I’d definitely be in in a group buy :smiley: (if the price will be right)

From the dealer. We have seen a lot of stores come and go.. or refuse to refund. ;)

Rutzki - do you even have distributors currently? I have only seen Enerpower batteries in your ebay/amazon store and those with the other label..

Replying on eBay - I was one week on vacation, so it might be that I did not answer all questions. It was not meant to be arrogant! :face_with_monocle:

Lampentroll is an official distributer of us and also companies like Reichelt and Globetrotters are selling some of our range in their program. Even Conrad offers some of our batteries.

In few weeks we are going to present our own eShop - It would be adiscount eShop to those who buy bigger quantities (2-3 and more) and to those who purchase different items at once. Shipment to Europe would be with FedEx most probably.

Group Buy - Someone from the forum has to organize it and send us following details:

  1. Adress of buyer
  2. Items
  3. Quantity
  4. eMail
    We would issue an invoice to each buyer, so he can pay directly to us and send the items from our warehouse!

To the price of 26650 - we use ONLY UL-certificated Cells, which are at least 10–15 more expansive. UL-Certification costs the manufacturer of cell around 5000 USD in a Year, so the purchasing price for the cell is higher than all the other cheap China-Cells! We would be able to offer outside the marketplaces around 10–15 discount (our cost on the market places).

I wonder if you can share some information on the needed quantity to make a groupbuy happen.

50 cells - 4,5% discount
100 cells - 6,5% discount
200 cells - 10% discount

If you could share this information, it would be much easier for everyone to decide if they participate or not and easier for the initiator of the groupbuy to keep an overview and to evaluate if reaching the next discount hurdle is still possible.

Because I’m flat broke at the moment I won’t participate and just buy thru amazon or your new webstore in a few months.

Keep up the good work !

I will certainly be buying some cells soon, o like the idea of supporting manufacture within the eu, since it could be argued it will ultimately benefit me. If there’s a group buy I can jump on, all the better. :slight_smile:

I did some calculation and came to the coming price for the 26650:

Customer who will take 1 battery: 18€
Customer who will take 2 batteries: 35€ and will get a storage case like this one as a gift:


I did some calculation and came to the coming price for the Enerpower+ 3400 mAh:

Customer who will take 1 battery: 17€
Customer who will take 2 batteries: 32€

Shipment within Germany: 3€ (DHL)
Shipment outside Germany: 6€ (Registered Letter)

Customer who will buy for more then 100€, we carry the shiping costs.

I think it is a good deal…

Best regards


Very important to the pricing, don´t forget that the prices includes the 19% VAT of Germany. Companies within the EU and not members of the EU have the right to get the batteries without 19%

That sounds about right, England’s within the eu, for now…. :smiley: so I should avoid the import duties I’d see ordering from outside the eu.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll hopefully be ordering in March, not sure I’ll hit €100, we’ll see about that. :bigsmile:

Private message sent.