Energizer advanced lithium @ Walgreens

Yesterday I went in to pick up some photos and cruised by the battery section like always. They are running a special on energizer advanced lithium batteries, but with an added twist. $5.99/4 pack AA, BUT when you buy two specially marked packages, you get a $10 prepaid discover card by mail. So I followed the instructions on Redirecting... and my card is on it’s way. Eventually it’ll be like getting 8 batteries for $2. Just thought I would share :wink:

$2 is a great price thx for the post

i found this post

Energizer Ultimate vs

not a big energizer fan my self but i am sure these are good , my camera chews regular batteries up like nothing

I'll be by Walgreens today. Thanks for the tip!

U.S. Customers...

I dont think this thread got the attention it deserves. $2 for 8 energizer lithium batteries (after Discovery fuel card redemption)! Its posted all over the internet and people are buying them up:

If you need 1.5V lithium batteries and have a Walgreens close by, hurry and buy them before stock is depleted. Here's a link showing what the qualified specially marked packages look like and how to register for the $10 fuel card after purchasing them:

Thanks again ZW!

Thanks, I will check them out tomorrow.

I stopped by a Walgreens yesterday and I did see the $10 gift card packages but none of them were on sale. All the batteries were regular price.

I'll try another one and see if they are on sale there.