Energizer Ultimate Lithium date?

On the packet they dont indicate any date at all.

On the battries them self they are all stamped with "0911"

Does that mean they are made in September 2011?

They are supposed to be good for 15 years. 0911 is probably the manufacture date.

I think that's true if you're talking about the numbers cut in the side of the battery ..

what you're probably just missing is up on a little black band usually is says expiration date .. it's just not as obvious as it used to be and isn't on the packaging like it used to be either .

take a look here real quick and look at the battery again you just missed it like I did when I first got mine too..:)


One nice thing about these batteries is they are ...lighter

on a keychain light ....it was noticably lighter

-2020 or 2021

Oh they say 03-2026

Thanks, seems pretty obvious now.

I missed that myself on a 4 pack I bought with a reward. No date on the pack, I thought that was strange. I felt they were probably old stock and I was disappointed. Just checked and it says 03/2021 - yippeeee! They'll be ready to use in the New Jerusalem!