EnerPower/Tensai 26650

I saw these a couple of years ago and meant to pick some up but never did. The links I saved are no longer valid.

I'm not sure if Tensai is the same as EnerPower or not but would like to purchase some 26650.

Is there anywhere to purchase these and have them shipped to the U.S. ? I see several pages in German but would really like to order in English without using translate.

Hi Ted,

I originally purchased mine back in March of 2013, back when that German dealer made an appearance on this forum introducing them. If you do a search on Ebay, (EnerPower 26650) they still sell them shipped from Germany, but I don’t know if they still ship them to the USA. I’d say to check some of the other high end 26650’s sold state-side, you’ll get a better deal on a different brand cell, and far less expensive too.

The Tensai don't look too bad and are cheaper. Just looking for the higher amps and one that HKJ has tested.

I downloaded Google Chrome Portable for translation and ordered from Amazon.de. 4 Tensai 4700mAh, 26650 for just over $11 a piece. They are unprotected but if they perform well, I'll check out the EnerPower as well.

Tensai is the cell producer, Enerpower uses Tensai cells for their 4500/4700mAh 26650 batteries. Keeppower and Evva used to have that 4500mAh cell in one of their 26650 batteries too. (Don’t know if they still do.)

They are a German battery company that wraps cells with a PCB and prints the specs and their logo on it.
Enerpower mainly assembles batterypacks for other manufactures like e-bikes or cordless tools. They kinda allways react to demads from users wich is pretty nice. (like for example some high quality 7,2V battery packs for bikelights)

Hope that cleared up some obscurities.

If you’re in the US I’d go with some 5200mAh Evva from mtn-electronics.

Juding from the discharge curves the Heter 26650 that “Simon”( aka Convoy-Aliexpress) and Banggood sell seems to have the 4500mAh Tensai cell. They’re pretty cheap(8$ a piece), but I don’t think somebody tested them yet.

Soshine 5500mAh (5200 acutaly) from DX.com seem to be decent as well. They have the protection on the positive side, that makes them shorter than other protected 26650. Also 8$ a piece.

The last two options would ship from china.

Thank you very much tryps. I didn't even think to look on mtn-electronics, spent a nice chunk of change there the past month actually. I just wanted to get decent cells that had been tested by HKJ. Will definitely look into the Evva.