Engineer Lii-260(LiitoKala) the smartest li-ion charger in a world?

Hello guys,

Don’t consider this as review because someone more experienced has to yet review that charger.

My verdict is that this is very good charger.

I am playing with this charger for whole week now and I will only bring + & - sides of this charger.


- Battery voltage detection

- Battery internal resistance detection called mR (I guess this should be mΩ?)

- Battery capacity detector

- Battery charging/discharging time

- Dual completely independent charging channels

- Dual independent displays

- Real time data reading (display instantly shows how charger charging/discharging) progression

- It can simultaneously charge in one channel while discharging in other

- Heat dissipation from charger is excellent.

- You can chose 0,5A-1A charging/discharging current selection

- Easy to use

- Very nice blue led display

  • Very safe… You can go to sleep if no sign of stormy weather.


- Display does not give 100% accuracy in readings(more like 90% of accuracy) so readings from this charger should be considered as approximately readings which are still good for one cheap charger.

- It doesn’t fully charge battery to 4,2V (4,15-4,18)

  • It discharges battery only to 3,0V

How does charging work?
Very simple… So you put battery in and it will automatically start in a charge mode. 500 mah will blink for few seconds on display… In blink mode you can press “mode”switch which will turn on 1000mah charging current mode. If you don’t touch anything it will start charging in default 500mah mode.

It is very safe… When charging process is over it will write “FULL”,“charge end” on display and it will instantly terminate charging process leaving you all relevant data on display.

After I tested it several times leaving batteries for more than 2 days on the charger I can say that I completely thrust to this charger and I can finally go to sleep… When charging process is finished charger will instantly cool down.

However charging it is not perfect… Charger can not charge to 4,2V… (It will show you 4,2 on displays but multimeter will say something like 4,17 or less if you are charging ultracrappyfire brands)

Battery internal resistance, voltage detection, charging time, charging current, mah readings while charging/discharging
This is all showed on 2 completely independent displays at real time, and you can reach any data in any time while charging/discharging without any fear you will mess something.

How does discharging/capacity testing works?
Very simple… Once you fully charged your battery(4,2V) put it in desired channel and wait few seconds… When 500mah charge blinking display appears press and hold mode button for 3-4 seconds, and then it will go to “discharge 500mah blinking mode” in which with one more click you can turn to 1000mah discharge mode.

It will start discharging in selected current mode, and it will give you real time readings.
The most interesting part here is when it discharges battery it will instantly start charging process again. What that means? That means that you can put freshly charged battery in and charger will discharge/test cell capacity and it will automatically charge it.
So put your 18650 battery in discharge mode and go to sleep and in the morning you will have freshly charged battery with tested capacity.

Well discharging is also not perfect since it discharges battery only to 3V(most batteries can be discharged to 2,5V 2,75V)

For example I got this readings:
new Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900 mah: –2750 mah, 35 mR internal resistance
used Sanyo UR18650FM 2600mah: - 2290 mah, 46 mR internal resistance

I hate crappy fires but I did test so…

Blue Ultrafire 18650 rated at 2600mah: 720mah, 157 mR internal resistance
Red Ultrafire rated at 3800mah: 740mah, 150mR internal resistance

(discharging - charging was very fast with this cells and that is prof how crappy they are)

As you can see this are not perfect readings but they are very good approx readings(just add 10% and panasonic really has 2900 mah, and used sanyo around 2500 mah)

So is this smartest charger on the market? It seems like it is… But someone should seriously test it.

That seems a nice charger. Thanks for the test. You do not mention where you bought it, and what it costs?

I bought it at ebay for promotional price of 22$. But now seller raised price to 28,5$.

It all started with a guy that showed up on BLF offering cool charger but he(his boss :) ) is very complicated in doing some serious business.

But I got same thing for much less money than he offered, and I am very happy with this unit although It has some minor disadvantages... But not that bad considering that with mentioned disadvantages it could actually prolong battery life?

Interesting. Are their any other chargers with a similar price that can detect capacity?

I have two ‘good’ chargers. The iCharger 106B+ and the Pila IBC. In my experience from both of them, the terminal voltage of 4.20V (or the the failure of the charger to charge to 4.20V) is actually dependent on the cell. I have tried charging various brand-new Panasonic, AW, Sony, LG, Samsung and Sanyo cells and while the the iCharger terminate at exactly 4.20V, the holding voltage of the specific cell determines whether that cell holds 4.20V when taken off the charger. Seldom do I see a cell hold a 4.20V, or least for a few minutes actually. (side note: almost all Pila IBC does not terminate at 4.20V, always on the low 4.14 to 4.19V)


there are no charger(except hobby chargers) that has functions like this one (at least for now). It is unique...


Pila are considered as premium chargers so I am glad to hear that they also have low termination...

I think this lii-260 charger is real champion, real progression in charger world. Hope plenty of charger manufacturers will follow this idea "all in one charger".

But there is always place for improvement...

Thing that could make Lii-260 charger as a perfect choice would be added option for changing termination voltage from 4,35 & 4,2V. I think they can do that if they want... So dear China engineers if you will ever watch this thread made one and you'll be the king, and of course don't let your fellow citizens copy your patent ;)

Update: I tested one more brand new blue ultrafire 2600 mah :) battery for friend and got following results:

675 mah capacity(add +10% and results are 742mah), but incredible well internal resistance of 54mR(this is very strange because last one mR measured on crappy fires were 150, maybe 16340 is fitted inside this tested 18650 battery?),

good….but i want first one review from the BLF legendary charcher tester member HKJ

i have time ago buy the soshine sc h2…. crappy charger.

It's not quite an all in one charger since it doesn't charge nimh chargers. This one does though.

I believe the Nitecore D4 will do all that too.

It's a decent value though.

My review is nearly done, but I had an accident and need a new unit to finish the review. It is on order, but it will be a couple of weeks.

In the meantime I will test/review a couple of Soshine chargers, a simple Xtar charge may also be included.

HKJ, you don't have a Nitecore D4 in the pipeline do you?

No, nobody has send me one.

I might look for one myself later on.

Liitokala (Exocoetus volitans):

The name of this charger makes me smile, every time I see it. :)

[Liitokala is the Finnish name for the above pictured flying fish - literal translation would be "GlidingFish"]

Anyways, thanks for the review! The charger looks very nice. I'm seriously considering to buy one..

Hmm . . . seems nice! Nice and simple! Keeping an eye on this one.


I want to know things like how the spacing and soldering of the components looks inside, as well.

HLK are any of the new chargers capable of charging D batteries?

I just bought 12 Tenergy Ds and don’t have a charger that will charge them.

I do not have any D capable charges in queue for review (One of the Soshine does C cell, it is not perfect, but useable).

The only working D cell charger I remember to have tested is the BT-C2000.

If I wanted to buy a D cell charger that could charge many cells, I would look for a Maha C808M, but it is a bit on the expensive side (I have never tested it, but my general experience from using Maha is good).

It would be very nice if it could charge all possible batteries + 4,35 to 4,2 V selection and of course for less than 20$ if possible :)

Me also... I am waiting for pro review of this little charger. But even now I trust him and for first time I am leaving charger unattended :) and it is doing everything what I need...

I just say "liito kala charge!" And he charges, and then I say "liito kala measure capacity!" And he does all that while I am gone on beer ;)

I have that problem too!

That is much more dangerous than playing with LiIon batteries

Well it is good for nerves but bad for body especially for belly :)

And sometimes doctors recommends warm beer for kidney stones(seriously I am not kidding here)