Entire lot traded

Hello, I’m a new member here but I can send like to my eBay/local forum accounts with 100% positive feedback.

I have a few EDC knives that I’d like to trade towards some flashlights to build my collection. Most of these are my doubles and have just been sitting in my drawer so it’s time to let them go. Im specifically looking for Emisar D4S, Emisar D1S, Lumintop FW3C, Lumintop GT Mini, Fenix E16, but I’ll consider most trades.

1. New Kershaw Leek, grey black wash
2. New Ontario Rat 1 w/OD green scales
3. Like new Spyderco Resilience (never carried/no box)
4. Used Boker Plus Kalashnikov Auto Cleaver w/box (this one was carried, discoloration where the pocket clip rubbed)
5.New CRKT Hollow Point +P designed by Ken Onion

I have the knives crosslisted

That's a nice looking Kershaw Leek.

If I didn't already have one, I'd be interested.

Good luck with the trade!

PM sent.

Got the knives a few days ago from Vegas_boy. They were absolutely perfect. Plenty of communication and the transaction went off without a problem.

I of course wouldn’t hesitate to do some swapping/buying with Vegas_boy again.

Great transaction with toddcshoe, very easy to communicate with, definitely a great asset to this forum. Thanks for being my first transaction here.