Epoch 5000mAh 10A unwrapped

I took the wrapping off this epoch battery that I got from the 18650 store and underneath was a samsung 50G 5000mAh 9.7A battery.

Just a heads up for anyone who was looking at buying this battery.

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So it was a good deal, right?

Just checking.

Yeah, I happened to get it on sale for $5.99. So I’m very pleased.

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Thanks for the confirmation. I was fearing that there might have been some negative I was not seen, glad it’s all good!

I thought others might be interested in knowing what was underneath the wrapping. I was surprised to see it myself.

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It’s indeed surprising and positively so, specially considering @Cloudedpupil’s your report regarding another Epoch cell, which IMO didn’t fare so good.

Yeah that’s the epoch 2600mah that I unwrapped. Now I know why the 2600 epoch was $2.99 each.

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The problem I have with rewrapped batteries is that one never knows what’s underneath the wrapper until they get the battery.

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Oops, I misread and thought it had been the other guy. I stand corrected!

Now, what’s this thing about unwrapping all those batteries? Some kind of Freudian impulse? :smiley:

Seriously, thanks for doing that. We’re all much better knowing what’s underwraps than not knowing.

Yes lol. I wanted to be able to recognize the batteries by color but I love DIY projects like that.

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I am quickly finding that out.

I bought four vapcell F56 21700 batteries from liion batteries and I am curious if they made it or it’s a rewrap. When I unwrapped them there was nothing underneath, so I’m left guessing.

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Ya most of the time they take the original wrap off. Rare to find the original under there. I don’t think you’ll ever find anything under a vapcell. I’m pretty sure they aren’t just rewrapping though, I think they get a lot of their stuff made for them. But I’m totally just guessing I don’t really know what they do. I’m surprised epoch leaves anything on. I wonder if my epoch 18350s have anything under there…

Nope. Nothing under the 18350s

I have an epoch 18350 too and I didn’t find anything under it either.

I really don’t mind if a battery has been rewrapped, as long as the new wrap is being honest about the information of the battery.

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After 3 weeks I finally got my vapcell 21700 F58 5800mAh battery. I am doing a capacity test right now but when I’m done with that, I’m going to unwrap it and see what is underneath. I’ve read that some claim it is a LG M58T which would be fine with me but I want to know for sure. Will update everyone in about 3 hours.

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Thanks! And please let us also know what its measured capacity is!

I certainly will but it will be late before I get the results. I’m hoping it will happen before I fall asleep. Lol😜

It’s from a Chinese manufacturer so it’s not the M58T.

Sorry, but I fail to see the logic here. Doesn’t LG have factories in China that a rewrapper could buy bulk cells from?

I looked everywhere online for the LG M58T and the only seller I could find was selling them at a 500 minimum.

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Yeah, they are probably in very high demand for wholesale, so very little is left for retail. But I bet someone like Vapcell could easily buy them at that minimum or in even larger quantities.