Estimating Resting Voltage vs Remaining Capacity

Trying to make a chart for reference purposes so it will be simple non-tech persons to check with a volt meter, check if this is correct.
Estimating Resting Voltage vs Remaining Capacity

Li-Ion(Lithium-Ion) 3.7V 14500/18650
4.2V – 100%
4.1V – 92%
4.0V – 78%
3.9V – 62%
3.8V – 43%
3.7V - 15%
3.6V - 4%
3.5V – 1%
3.4V - 0%

NiMH(Nickel–Metal Hydride) 1.2V AAA/AA
1.4V - 100%
1.3V - %
1.2V - %
1.1V - 5%
1.0V - 0%

The Li-on is relatively correct. These are approximations and it varies depending on the quality/age/use of the cell.

The NiXX one….well, you simply cannot est. remaining capacity to any useful degree with voltage, especially if unloaded.
You can take a completely dead NiXX, put it on a s l o w charger for 10” essentially putting in nothing and it’ll tell you it’s half full if you check it.

Not that far from my table for classic LiIon batteries. The newer Panasonic is different.

Sanyo and AW are so much better than Panasonic! (At same capacity)
Too bad sanyo died… They made really good batteries.

sanyo died?

sanyo dead rip

They were bought by Panasonic!

Thanks EdT and HKJ, I was looking for a table like that to stick on the side of my multi meter :slight_smile: :beer: