Ever ask yourself this question?

"How could I have spent so much money on budget lights?

I think in April and May I could have bought 10 or 11 Tk41's for what I spent on budget lights! Still, I don't see the quantity in my desk drawers that should match the depletion of my PayPal account. That kind of money should have bought some really nice stuff! (or a hong kong vacation).

All of my spending is perfectly reasonable.......and each of my flashlights is absolutely essential.

I almost always sold the excess. So no biggie for me.

We spend waaay too much time on the boards checking out the latest, greatest toys. I guarantee you'll cut spending by 95% if you stay off the boards.

I stayed away from cpf from 2007-2010 and didn't buy a single new light. Now I'm back buying stuff cuz I'm again reading about the latest-greatest. lol

Budget or not, not knowing what's out there saves you money.

So true lol.

Last night when my house lost electricity due to a storm my parents i help take care of finally understood why i need 12 flashlights in hands reach.

And i dont look at these as budget lights, I call them "What a light should cost" lights and think everything else is just overpriced.

most days I think the same thing. lol

I tend to have an interest in lights that do a few things so maybe 10 or less lights. Once I find a better one for that need I tend to move the other one out. I either find a reason to give it away or I "get curious" and end up tearing it up :)

I don't like having lights that I never use or that I don't really like anymore. I like to run a tight ship :)

So...you play with them until you get a new one, get bored, and brutally murder them?


I have a cat but he runs a tight ship. I'm lucky to still be here.

Hmm. They say pets are like their owners. So he gets a new toy, plays with it, takes it apart, and then donates the old parts to you (sometimes directly, sometimes in your shoe for storage)

Nice. And you're still not allowed to have pets. (cats don't count. you ARE the pet)