Ever heard hissing Alkaleaks?

i have a little LED clamp lamp with 3 AA alkaleak cells to use over the PC keyboard on occasion and started hearing a hissing sound when the light was ON, which i discovered was coming from the cells. It was a dim light with only 4 5mm white LEDs, but that was actually just fine for my needs. The cells were each down to about .6V. Caught it before any damage from leakage.

I knew they were pure evil…

The only hissing I’ve ever heard is coming from me when I’ve found them leaking.
There may have been bad words too……

Get yourself some Eneloops and a charger. https://www.thomasdistributing.com/Panasonic-Eneloop-Batteries_c_1207.html

Good that you caught them before they made a corroded mess. I’ve switched to all rechargeable AAs and AAAs. Even the cheapo rechargeables don’t seem to leak.

Fresh off cleaning up the mess left behind in a boombox, and an alarm clock, I’m convinced that the cells are sentient, whisper to each other, and encourage all of them to leak at the same time, just to piss off users even more. Especially the D cells.

> i have a little LED desk lamp with 3 AAA alkaleak cells

is it a nice lamp, or are we talking about putting lipstick on a pig?

charger and eneloops, for under $20

I dont know if that lamp will damage the eneloops

If the light cost less than the batteries, maybe all it deserves is cheap meltaways

More mass > more mess.

Well it’s an outdoor grill light from sharper image, but i use it next to the computer to add some task light as needed.
Outdoor grill light $60.

nice photo, looks like a keeper

I do like eneloops, and the 4 pack w charger would cost you less than 1/3 the cost of the light

so, I will encourage you Not to feed it alkaleaks,

Instead, enjoy leak free eneloop power as an Xmas present to yourself

I think your light is AA,
here is a charger and 4 pack for cheap

At some point in the future, maybe also consider upgrading the LEDs to high CRI. :slight_smile: