Ever seen this host?

I really want this host (or something very similar to it). Roughly this size with a side-switch or a side-switch and tail-switch.

Size wise, it’s single 18650 and a little bit bigger than P60… Think half-way between P60 and C8.

Anyone ever seen something like this available anywhere?


Close enough?


Nice Find! I don’t like the form-factor quite as much, but it’s the closest I’ve seen thus far!


I think it’s this: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/5140

Awesome job _the_. You, sir, are a better eBay searcher than I.

How about This One on CNQG I have been eying it off for a while. There is a ready made version too if you prefer.

Oops, just saw you wanted a side switch, nm

I like the side switch, seems more intuitive/ergonomic to use.
Tail switch requires a different grip.

Yeah, I’m familiar with that one. I really like that host as well - I just want to add a few to my collection with side-switches.

The one you linked though - I actually have on order right now :slight_smile: Should be here sometime next year with the speed of SlowBoatFromChinaPost


I know this is an old thread, but if you are still looking for it I came across this light here.


No experience with that store though.

It’s a great host, but has a lousy pill

My review HERE

The D1 host at CNQ is same as the T10 host at IO here. I just did a build with that host using a XM-L2 U2 1C/SinkPAD, 3.85A Nanjg. Of course with my SinkPAD issues, I'm getting only 3.19A measured on a fresh Pana 3400 unprotected, but still does 924 lumens @start, 901 lumens @30 secs which is pretty good. Expect higher #'s on an IMR. Though it doesn't have the side switch, this is one quality host! I really like it, though it's not a mini throw with that OP reflector so much but puts out a nice beam of light, a bit heavy specially with the copper and brass pill insert I added, but with that weight and finish on the host, it's a quality feel! With an IMR and AR lens, this light would be ideal for this compact size. The modes I programmed are moonlight-lo-med-hi-nasty strobe-battery status/2 blink beacon. Using luxdrv as the basic, so mode changing starts at the 1st mode so yo necer have to see the strobe/beacon.

You can’t go wrong with this magnificent light :wink: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/16424


Dale, how in the world do these two look anything alike?

Me thinks someone is just promoting Aurabuys since they are giving him free stuff...


Stop the jealousy! It’s very unbecoming… :bigsmile:

To some that is enough :bigsmile:

LOL! Hadnt had my coffee…

Ok, now I get it. :) Sorry for snapping at you Dale, I looked at them and didn't see any similarity (but now I do :D ).

Haha… Awesome. I’m typing this from my phone on the way to DollarTree.