Everything Sold: NEW X6 SS/Cu s/n 339, X5 Cu s/n 396

Note: Everything sold!
This light is in new condition, copper surfaces never touched with bare hands. Used gloves to take photos. Purchased during BLF/Kronos group buy.

I never put batteries into this light so have not verified proper operation - I chose not to do this to keep handling these copper lights to a bare minimum.

This stainless and copper light is absolutely beautiful but too heavy for me to carry so am selling it.

The X6 Stainless/Copper is S/N 339 of 400. Price without battery: Sold

3B tint.

Description is as follows (Disclaimer: My eyes aren’t in the best condition but this is what I seem to notice):

The X6 LED appears to be mounted very slightly off-center on the MCPCB in relation to the elongated slots on the MCPCB. I notice the same anomaly on my Al X6 but do not notice any beam defects.

Light will come with the accessories that it came with: original cardboard box, clip, rubber boot, o-ring, lanyard.

Please look carefully at the photos before purchasing.

Please understand all sales are final in as-is condition.

Shipping is free – only to Continental USA.

Delivery confirmation signature will be required (Standard USPS Parcel Post).

Thank you for your interest.

Nice looking set! Good luck on your sale.

How do these differ from the astrolux versions besides engraving ?

They are the same light as far as construction goes but the Astrolux are not serialized and no tribute to BLF and these are the originals.

limited groupbuy with serial numbers.

Are either or both of them competitor to the Convoy C8 (material used aside)? How do they compare to the C8?

Convoy C8 has less nice UI

I have a Convoy C8 with a XPL HI NW and Bistro driver (the exact same as tge X5/X6 use)
Can only spot reliable at 100 meter, the Convoy is a bit brighter at that distance
But the X5 is so much smaller it surely is a giggle maker and that is just the ALU version, I am sure a copper Astrolux will find its way here someday since that is such a looker :wink:
This here is of course labelled Kronos and has a serial, if you are into those kind of things this is your chance it is not often one can score this.

Thanks the Miller. I also have a C8 XPL-HI, but with cool white and guppydrv firmware. Nice light, and this pair seems to be similarly sized and in function, with the same emitter. So I asked.

If I remember I will get pics to show comparison (or maybe the Op has a C8)The X6 is a tad bit shorter than the C8 but I like the Mag-lite feel. The X5 is a different beast. The form looks the same but it is a smaller 14500 light that puts out as much (lumens) as anything else (C8 or X6) and it throws just as good as the Manker T01.

If you, or anybody, wants the BLF light with the serials there are only 400 of each in existence and these came with the lighted tail switches and the Bistro UI.

The Op is definitely not making any money on this and he states that he never even touched the lights with his hands.

It’s not the Kronos X6, but here’s a standard X6 next to a C8:

The X5 Cu & X6 SS/Cu are Superb lights at a Very Good price.

The Convoy C8 is good for the price, but can't be compared to the build, features & performance of the X5 Cu & X6 SS/Cu lights

Best Regards,


Batteries added and prices reduced.

The X6 has a semi deep reflector its not as big as the C8 so throw wont be as far. But this version has no centering ring the reflector sits directly over the LED because the reflector screws to the body of the light.

Overall the X6 is shorter then the C8… I like the shape better they are really well made and a well designed lights the x6.

The show stopper is the X5 its an amazing light! so small and tiny but it does an amazing job of throwing light!

Just a friendly bump.

price reductions.

price reduced again!

tempted to get a second set

I have three sets. I wish I got more while I could afford it.

I’ll take the x5 please. withdrawn

Convoy is a joke next to these lights. The prices are a steal. I’ll give you folks a few hours to buy, going, going, going, _ _ _ _.