🌟 Exciting arrival! CYANSKY's major new product—multifunctional rechargeable EDC flashlight P12R! 🌟

🔦 P12R - Mini size, powerful performance 🔦 P12R packs amazing performance despite its compact size. It has an impressive output of up to 1300 lumens, making it easy to light up your path with a beam distance of up to 240 meters. P12R Light up the road and say goodbye to the darkness!

🧲 Rear Magnetic Attachment and Two-Way Clip 🧲 The P12R has a unique design that allows it to magnetically attach to metal surfaces for easy task execution. It also has a two-way clip to easily secure your backpack or hat. Whether it’s outdoor adventures or everyday life, the P12R is your reliable companion to unlock the versatile potential of your flashlight!

🔌Built-in TYPE-C direct charging🔌Say goodbye to the trouble of running out of a flashlight! P12R uses a convenient TYPE-C direct charging design, so you never have to worry about running out of power while traveling. It provides reliable lighting support for your adventures and emergencies!

🌄 CYANSKY P12R - Your Outdoor Adventure Companion 🌄 Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or a city traveler in your daily life, CYANSKY P12R will become your indispensable companion. It opens up endless possibilities and makes every adventure or everyday life more exciting!

📣 Click the link to learn more :


Don’t let darkness hold you back anymore. Take CYANSKY P12R and embark on a journey! 🌌💫

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Mini size?? Compact size?? That’s got to be one of the largest 14500 lights out there.

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Indeed, looks like half the length is the head with driver and reflector.

Perhaps from having a USB C charging port, combined with the side switch and a deep reflector?

What’s the runtime/output breakdown on alkaline/NiMH?

Perhaps, but it’s versatile with onboard charging and multi-fuel capability so I’ll cut it some slack personally.

I don’t mind an oversized 14500 light if there’s a good reason for it - like my Manker Striker Mini being as throwy as it is - so I might be willing to allow it given the convenience of onboard charging AND multi-fuel capability. I know there are other options in the same spaces, but this might be a decent travel light…

I know those lumen claims are probably either a stretch or only gonna last for a second (or both…) but that would be on the impressive side.

It appears the reflector does take up a far bit of space:

Hello sir, the maximum battery run time is 116 hours and the output is 1300 lumens. You can click on the link to learn more about P12R: P12R Multifunctional Rechargeable EDC Flashlight – CYANSKY Light

Hi,sir.It is indeed a little larger than other 14500 mini flashlights. We designed this to ensure the product’s long-range performance, the body’s charging function, compatibility with various batteries and other functions, and the optimal design for oil recovery.

Saw that. Your runtime chart is specific to the 800mAh 3.6V (~2.88Wh) 14500 you ship with the product. A NiMH cell will have different parameters - typically 2Ah 1.2V (~2.4Wh). The 14500 can run a buck circuit at lower current draw than the NiMH through a boost circuit; the NiMH will need to deliver ~triple the current to deliver the same amps to the LED as the 14500. As such I would expect a reduction in output and runtime with NiMH - I’m curious if that’s been tested and what the chat looks like.

My review will be out tomorrow with my turbo graph, this thing is so impressive. The P12R sustains a very impressive 450-500 lumens, beating so many models out there. The 1300 lumens is genuine at turn on, measuring just under 1200 ANSI. This starts stepping down gradually from turn on, then once it hits 60 sec it triggers a timed stepdown to 650 lumens over the next 60 sec, that lasts for almost 2.5 min before dropping to 400 and picking up just after. The stepdown from 650 is temp based.

Turn on: 263m
ANSI: 249m

I’ll be stocking this in my New Zealand store, I’m just so damn impressed.

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Very cool! I look forward to your review!

I dig 14500’s because they are typically a very convenient size, but my favorites are the ones pushing the form factor in some way or other. Sounds like Cyansky is pushing practical performance here, too.

Thanks for the heads-up!