Excuses to buy a light

Courtesy of the Defiant 5C thread

I too bought a Defiant (Super thrower [3c, 493lm, giant head]) to experience it… After reading 1000+ posts on how awesome it is, how can you not?

I’ve used this one twice thrice in the last week:

Honey, it’s a gift …

Honey, it’s for my blog.

... its got a nice color..

...larger reflector than any of my other thrower..

..slightly smaller than my other similar light....

.. different form factor/battery format than my other similar light..

..because electronic side switch..

..because good looking

..because cheap, I can just gift it if I don't like..

..because I have or want a particular emitter that needs a new home..

..I can mod this light differently compared to my other similar light which I like a lot..

..that light can fit a certain driver..^^

... it was on sale..

.. Only 10$ you say?

.. because BLF hype...

..because lots of emitters..

.. ohh, nice mod host, I wonder what I can do with it..

..because I wanted one..


Number 1 excuse…

“I WANT that light!”

It works. {B^)

For me, “I want that light” works well with “oh, and buy something nice for yourself” :slight_smile:

Because one of my other lights feels lonely and needs a new friend…

The price went down and I am cost averaging downward.

I have used that one more than once!

BTW, I think these excuses can be either for your inner self :slight_smile: , or others.

So this hobby is my one cheap vice.

And, the best part………………………She buys it! :slight_smile:

And considering the price of cigarettes, it is a bargain!
The smoker has nothing to show for his money spent at the end of the month other than, A pile of stinky butts and a worse cough.
As long as you keep buying cheap ,excuse me BUDGET Lights, all is well.

Anyway, works for me.

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