exduct account, budget knives

I recently decided to order a few SRM knives as my current ones are getting a little boring. I’ve never tried exduct before and they seem to have the biggest selection.

However, I can’t seem to make an account? Every time I fill out the page and hit register it just refreshes and nothing happens. I don’t get any emails.

Anyone? I’m about ready to just forget exduct, the site is starting to get on my nerves. I’ve tried multiple times with different usernames and I’ve emailed them but they just keep telling me to retry.

Registration worked fine for me and they’ve always replied to my mails.
Perhaps a cookie or cache problem? Try different browser or pc.

Also, check that you filled in all the fields marked with asterix. I just tried making a new account and it worked fine.

The following are easy to miss:

I agree to the Terms of Service (Terms of Service) *

Spam Check: 12 plus 8 equals *

Thanks for the replys.

I tried multiple time and finally switched from using my yahoo to gmail and it worked. Don’t know why that would be.