Exduct prices.

I hope other suppliers don’t follow suit. All the prices have had a hike since I last looked.-
Enlan EL-01D Exduct.
Enlan EL-01D FastTech

SanRenMu 7010 Exduct.
SanRenMu 7010 FasTech .

EX duct.
EX pensive.

Exduct seem to have doubled their prices over the past year.

Exduct was never the cheapest store on the market (their Aliexpress store was cheaper as their own shop for a long time, but this changed), but they had a good service and the BLF special agrement, which ends a few months a go.

The two prices, which you show are crazy. At the moment only a few knives on exduct have a good price (Special Limited Products).

The ~year with their site down was really costly. FastTech are even stocking new designs soon after Exduct, and at lower prices too.

Always exduct prices + shipping cost were the expensive shop ever.