Expensive light(s) you purchased?

What are some expensive lights you purchased?

Mine was the Surefire E1L… I think I paid over $100 for it. I later sold it with little lost.

Sunwayman V10R Ti^2 and M11R Ti Dream. I paid about $200 each.
I am exceptionally pleased I own these lights, as I consider these timeless classics.

$40 is my limit, unless the light is special in some way, and I haven't bought one of those yet.

I think I paid $36 for one of my FW3A's.

That may have been my most expensive to date.


I paid $38 for the TrustFire A8 BLF Edition, but that included a decent (for its time) battery and charger.

ZL SC600w IV Plus most expensive I have bought to date.

Works great and I like the UI. Scratched the lens already but beam takes no notice of it!

$80 for my Fenix PD36R. All my other torches are under $50.

A couple Zebralights that were in the $90 range.

They were early purchases and I’m not mad about spending the money. They are solid and work very well. I don’t think I’d spend that much now, knowing what I do about the excellent lights for about 1/2 that amount.

In another life, I used to be on another forum where I got completely hooked to HDS. Amazing lights. Between 2006 and 2015, I bought 11 of those. I sold some but still have a couple (Rotary, Twisty, Clicky and some older EDC).

Thank god I found this forum.

So far mine is the Emisar D4Sv2… which isn’t particularly expensive and I am new at this hobby :slight_smile:

Pair of Quark 2AA-Xes, 78bux each when discontinued. My first “real” lights…

Such a horribly green beam that I don’t even use ’em in rotation anymore, so they’re just languishing. You could go hawg-hunting with such a green beam. Yecch.

Eh, what did I know?

Emisar D18 @$99. Anything crosses $100 mark would potentially becoming a shelf queen....

MF04S then installed anduril onto it. Love it and use it whenever I can.

Most expensive so far is the copper astrolux c8 at $50. When the noctigon k1 releases it will be more and I’ll probably get that, then it’ll be my highest.

most expensive the olight x9r for 600$ or so…

So, the D18 is a user, right? 1 buck shy of being a shelf queen. So sad.

SPY 005 ti version it gets carried alot.

Imalent DX80 $220
Astrolux MF04 $159
Wuben A21 Apollo $99
ROT66 I.Gen. $103
Lumintop SD75 $95
Haikelite MT09R $83

And a few others :person_facepalming:

$99 (£80) for an L16. SOLD it at £54 recently. It’s nice but was not worth it to me personally. Also bought an MF01 and MF01S for about $79 each. Not expensive for what they are though. Oh yh also an NI40 SBT90 for $78 with the battery.

Imalent MS18 $665 from amazon

Acebeam X80-GT $329.00

Emisar D4SV2 $84.00 with options

Fireflies 07 x2 $74 each.

Few Magnalites $30 or so a piece

150 Dollars for HID torch with Extra battery and it ” SUCKS!!!“:https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Torch-Professional-Hid-with-Bulb-Xenon-Xenon-35w/162578871598?hash=item25da74b52e:g:Q0UAAMXQXTZRe4Gq

Also bought the 35w version + extra battery and it sucks even more

Imagine having to find a replacement 44245 cell :smiley:

Did you buy this when you had know idea what you was doing and probably thought a maglite was super bright? or just thought u know what…lemme take a stupid risk.