EXPIRED - Supfire M6 triple XM-L - Group Buy is ACTIVE! $42 shipped with free tracking.

The fact that it is in some way associated with CPF is enough for me to hesitate.

this is why i stopped coming to this forum…


cancel… thought it was XM-L’2s…. theres a group buy for the XML-2 version.

In for one.

Well I'm still holding out for the XM-L2 with no blinkies.


I’m interested in 1, but may not have the funds, depends when the deadline will be.

The value of the M6, inherent high quality & performance is well documented on this forum. Also an easy light to mod.

Check out some of the other M6 threads:

The search box will bring many more positive comments.

Click the link in the first post for regular price. The M6 has more throw and less flood than SRK.

It has no association with CPF other than Wallbuys being suckered into paying a monthly due to advertise on their shitty web site. If you read the post, credit was given to BLF (not CPF) in starting the GB.

All things being equal, you’re going to be very hard pressed to tell any differences between XM-L and XM-L2 in any 4.2V light driven below 3A at the emitters, even when comparing them directly side by side. Even if you decide to bump the M6 drive current up with the easy driver mod, you’re still going to need copper mounted emitters if you are to take advantage of the extra lumens.

That offer needs to reach 50 commitments in cellguys thread to come to fruition. Not to be rude, but yours didnt help increase that count with a “maybe”. I’ll make you a deal Garry, change your maybe to a commit and I’ll commit to 2 lights in his thread and remove mine here.

Like you, Id love to have the custom driver option, but I doubt its going to make 50 commitments. Wallbuys only needs 20.

Many seem to think the M6 is a complete no-brainer in being by far the very best budget triple XML available for the price. I have one and wish I had bought several more during the last GB. It truly makes my original SRK’s look like cheap junk.

For others:
This GB is the stock M6… an excellent performer & value - $42.00
Cellguys GB is for an M6 with XM-L2 and possibly modified modes on the driver, but will still be driven at the same drive current - $48.50

ok ill change me back to “IN FOR ONE!”
i just really want one of these, and hes no where near 50. 20 is much more attainable lol

Yes - I'm a little confused bout the cellguy group buy. I think in the OP he is saying only if 50 is met will the XM-L2's be done, and the custom driver. So, what happens if less than 50? I think if he gets less than 50 interested, he won't do the deal, but I'm only guessing. Right now I'm down for one for cellguy's, and two on CPF MarketPlace's WB group buy...

Actually today there's been a flurry of additions, doubling what he had on the cellguy group buy - think all this new activity on the M6 has pushed people over the edge to commit.

My FandyFire UV-S5 ($45 at FT) is a high-quality SRK w/SS bezel, good driver, but I really like the M6 in black and it's design/look, plus I think it's a better host based on reviews/opinions on it's heat sinking.

I’ll most likely mod it myself since I don’t like the mods offered on the cellguy thread.

count me in for one .

What’s so good about this compared to a SRK ?

it is feel beefier and very very easy to mod :smiley:

Wallbuys M6 $42

Thanks Lampyrid. Buy em while you can! :bigsmile:

Group buy info:
we will ship it in 5th Jan 2013

Oh, and don't forget that the beam is much more pleasant than the SRK, with having a fairly round beam versus a strange looking beam of the SRK. (Which probably is less noticeable in real use)

Anyone know about how many lumens on low?