EXPIRED - Supfire M6 triple XM-L - Group Buy is ACTIVE! $42 shipped with free tracking.

Wallbuys M6 $42

Thanks Lampyrid. Buy em while you can! :bigsmile:

Group buy info:
we will ship it in 5th Jan 2013

Oh, and don't forget that the beam is much more pleasant than the SRK, with having a fairly round beam versus a strange looking beam of the SRK. (Which probably is less noticeable in real use)

Anyone know about how many lumens on low?

don’t know how many on low… but with simple resistor mod, it’s a lot brighter than SRK :wink:
and a good SRK is maybe about 2500 lumens on high

here’s a pic comparison between a good SRK ( 3 toroids driver ) on the left side and SupFire M6 on the right side both on HIGH mode

I think I saw 300 lumens on low. There’s a comparison of the highs and lows of the various lights; SRK, BTU Shocker (I think this one had the lowest low at 100 lumens), M6, and some lights floating in a message. I remember seeing it today, but I don’t remember exactly where I saw it. It’s probably in deep down in a thread somewhere — sorry, you’ll have to search for it or someone else can try and find it.

I found it… SupFire M6 - Beamshots (Night pics uploaded)

Thanks bgyen. I searched a little bit, but didn’t have any luck finding it.

I think I’ll have to pass on this group buy. I’m happy with my srk for now. Unless the m6 drops to $30 or gets an awesome mode set. :slight_smile:

I wish I could understand what Group Buy really means. I mean, the light is now advertised on the web site for $42 for anybody to buy, so member or not, it's $42. I thought GB was for only the ones who signed up, but now, even the ones who said they didn't want to participate, can now go outside the GB and get one, or any non-member can.

Yes - agree, these so called group buys nowadays on retail web stores are just a reduced price offering - nothing more. Used to be the manufacturer was involved and the light would be modified to our requests with a limited number made that way, etc. WB specially is just using the label of the reduced price as yet another gimmick. The threads now are just used to gauge interest, that's all.

Lol. Group buy my arse. But that must be very discouraging to see. I think we’re owed $30 M6’s now :wink:

Unless something changes (or they forget to change it back), the price will return to $54.48 after the GB has completed.

How long will they offer the M6 for this price?

Look at the countdown timer in the link. Also, sales quantities are not limited before the time expires, so more than 20 can be sold.

Thanks Flash! There must be more than 1 link for this or something, because the countdown disappeared for me once 20 was hit.

Strange, I just clicked the link in post 33 and it shows “Limited Time Only 3D 14H 28M 15S”

Photo on wb shows xml2.

Wb won’t answer if its XML or xml2


I might have to get another one. About to strip the PCB and mount some slave/master NANJGs.

Is there anyway to ask the shipper to package the light properly (instead of just a small amount a bubble wrap) so it doesn’t get damaged? Thanks!