Fake Klarus 18650's?

I have contacted Klarus for their input, but it has been a few days since I have sent them the photos. Anyway, bought two batteries from an Amazon supplier. Now if both batteries looked exactly the same, I probably would not be worried, but since both batteries are different from each other, I figured I’d contact Klarus to be sure. It could be a manufacturing variation, which is fine, but what do you think? The button on one is gold vs. the other is a silvery metal color. The battery with the gold positive button has a raised ring on the negative end cap while the silvery one has a plain end cap. The third photo doesn’t show it well, but one battery you can see is red or pink under the Klarus wrapper while the gold button battery has a blue battery under the Klarus wrapper (the white writing is translucent enough to see the color of the batteries beneath are), at least in real life. In the photo, you can kind of make out the blue underneath the white “Klarus” and “3600”.

Edit: I bought these because I wanted a good brand to replace the 6 year old Trustfire Flames that I have been using since they are showing their age (not holding a charge as long).

I also had diffent looking Klarus batteries, some with flat bottom, some raised
they have all a bigger button

so a lot variation is going on there

The 2 I got with my XT12GT are LG MJ1's with added protection on + pole.

OK, that’s good to know. I bought two Klarus 14500’s with built-in USB charger to go with my keyring light and they are identical. But that was from a different Amazon seller. The one I bought my 18650’s from was the only one offering two for a single price, that had them in stock at the time I placed the order. The price was competitive with the others, so it wasn’t like I was trying to get a bargain and potentially ended up getting burned by a too good to be true price.


I also remember my first Klarus had also a gold plated button top

OK, Jennifer from Klarus finally responded back last night and confirmed that they are authentic Klarus batteries.

Now I have a new problem, I was not able to fit either battery in my Solarforce L2P body. The Klarus battery appears to be slightly fatter than the Trustfires, which fit fine. The body I happened to test the two batteries in has what seems to be a seam that may be sticking up and preventing the battery from slipping in (I could force the battery in, but then I’m afraid I might cause a short condition not to mention having trouble getting the battery out to charge it), have to see if they fit in my other L2/L2P bodies (I use an L2 at work and it doesn’t have that same seam). Looks like I will be trying to find a way to hone at least one of my lights to fit the new batteries. :person_facepalming: Not sure if those brake cylinder hones can go that small.

Unless someone has questions later, this is my final update in case anyone comes across this thread wondering about using Klarus 18650’s in their Solarforce L2 bodies. The batteries were too big for only one of my L2P lights. The other L2P light, which was bought at the exact same time as the one having issues, did not have any trouble accepting the battery. My other Solarforce, an L2 body (not as high quality anodizing and slightly more crenalized bezel), also accepted the Klarus battery with no issues. For whatever reason, it is only the one light. I have tried to hone it out with the smallest brake hone I can find, but the batteries still hang up on something, so I will use the Trustfire’s until I get a new L2P to replace this one, I have already wasted more time and effort than its worth to get a replacement.