Fandyfire G36 Triple XHP-50 mod

I’ll try not to gab as much as I usually do in these threads.

Some of you have followed my search for this flashlight, and I finally got my hands on one. I knew it was smaller than it looks in pictures, but it still surprised me just how small it is. For a triple-emitter light with 2S 18650’s, it’s pretty tiny. Here it is with my XHP70 DST (previously my brightest light), Jacob A60, and Solarforce L2n.

I was able to use my DoubleUp driver, which was designed specifically for this build.

Here are the three emitters. One is a mystery color temp I estimate around 3800k, the others are 5000k and 5700k. I used 18awg wire to bypass the tail spring and to go from the positive spring to the first emitter, then 20awg for all the other connections. So at the driver I have one 18awg led+ wire and three 20awg led- wires.

Annoyingly I don’t have a way to test lumens, and even my DMM was out of commission for amperage testing. So I did beam shots in my messy apartment instead. I started with my Quad-XP-G2 S3 Solarforce L2n (a light I estimate around 2000 lumens). I let the camera auto-adjust to the brightness, then used manual mode to lock in the exposure settings so we can have a decent comparison.

SF L2n Quad- XP-G2

Convoy M2 Quad-Nichia 219c

Defiant Super Thrower XHP70

FandyFire G36 Triple-XHP50 (this light)


This is a very impractical light mainly because of the enormous amount of heat it creates but also because the beam profile isn’t my favorite. Even so, it’s quite fun to play with.

Thanks for reading.

Wow, less that perfect beam profile or not that would be great for scanning the edge of the woods at night! Nice build, I have yet to come up with a monster thrower. SRK triple is about my best. Working on a Supfire L3, will still be a single emitter but an awesome PilotDog driver. I would really like to do a build on one of the soupcan 3x14500 single emitters with the deep reflector. Maybe next month, I am going to have to thin the herd.

Poor xmas tree. Love your drivers and your mods.

talk about a white Christmas!

Nice light. The driver has two FETs on it? May I ask why? Wouldn’t one be enough?

I vaguely remember someone commenting that a triple XHP might do better with two, but mainly I had a lot of board space to work with and just threw it on there.