FandyFire OSRAM IR 850nm flashlight? Only 1.2v??? Nice price $6.99

Says only works with 1.2v AA rechargeable batteries. Not 1.5v alkaline or 14500 li-ion rechargables?

Did the chat thing with t-mart, didn’t get any answers.

If it only supports 1.2v how hard do you think it would be to mod it to support 14500 li-ion batteries?


-Jamie M.

IR-leds work at under 2V so using a li-ion and a lineair driver you will need to burn a lot of overvoltage, heatsink the 7135 chips well! I do not know of a good buckdriver for more than 1A.

Btw, Osram never made a triple die led like the one in the picture, that is a typical generic chinese lowish output ir-led.

Thanks for the great info. So you don’t think it’s good for $7 shipped?

Is there another I.R. light you would recommend?

-Jamie M.