Fandyfire S-1 : XR-E Q5 : 200 lumen : 2-mode

Anyone know anything about this bugger?? Sounds pretty solid on paper. I am not familiar with “Fandyfire”. Quite the name that.

2-mode is perfect for me. Emitter could be better, not very efficient… but I still think I’m gonna pick one up. Cheap enough to give a shot, right? If they had an XP-G or XM-L version I would have ordered 3 already.

Don’t snatch all the stock before I get one! :stuck_out_tongue: DX Link

well I’ll be dipped in poop :smiley:

Shame DX doesn’t seem to have it.

I can’t understand why there are not more 2-mode lights on the market. It’s the way to go IMO.

Stingey bastard! :wink:

I’m a little apprehensive to order from nEverbuying. Light-Box has em for 10.20 and Manafont for 10.50. Might just go with mana.

2 modes usually have a resistor in the tail-cap.

That's means it uses the same amps on both modes.

UniqueFire S-2 $10.82 is better because it has a longer reflector but that's 2 mode as well.

That S-2 looks interesting too. I like the more compact size of the S-1 though. Ugh throw or size hmmm…

so you guys have had OK experiences with Everbuying?

So same battery consumption on either mode? That sucks.

No just bad experiences. They used to spam the forum.

HOw can you tell that the beam is ringy?

BAH! Strobe mode! hate that.

How is the beam on the S-1?

Yes I have read bad things. Thanks for confirming.

bargainavenue10off works and brings the price down to $10.79

It's designed for XRE that's the problem.

This is off my wish list.

You are referring to the S2 correct?

So I ordered a couple S1s from manafont. At 10 bucks I figure decent beaters if nothing else.

Arrived in OK shape. Had to tighten down the reflector to stop rattling. Also backed the switch down a smidge to fit AW IMR 16340s.

Overall I like the size, feel, and form of it. Nice clean simple lines. Knurling is subtle, not rough. Crenelated bezel is not stupid sharp on mine. Clicky has decent feel, nothing too special.

UI: one click on for high, another click for medium (or ‘not-so-high’), another click to turn off. No soft press or half press. It takes a full click each time. No memory. Simple cycle. You could say its 3 modes - hi/med/off.

Works with lithium CR123s, but obviously meant for 16340s. There is virtually no perceptible output change between mode 1 & 2 on Cr123s. Guesstimating about 160 lumen on cr123.

On 16340 it is a two mode, UI as explained above. You could consider it ‘turbo’ and ‘high’ maybe? If I had to guess I would say output is about 220 lumen on high and 180 on med on IMR.

This funky mode behavior makes me think it prob is a resistor as someone mentioned already. I did not disassemble to check.

All considered, not a horrible purchase for beater duty. I’m sure these will be rolling around my garage floor in the future. :slight_smile:

If you have higher expectations or needs to fill might be best to spend 5 bucks more on something with proper modes.

Looks like it might make a simple gun light with it's compact size, 25mm diameter and just 2 modes.

Yeah it might. Size and weight would permit it. Not sure how well it would handle recoil. Probably OK with smallish calibers.

I forgot to review the beam pattern… Nothing crazy. Pretty much what you would expect from an XRE this size. Well definded hot spot with a bunch of spill. Throw is typical for this size.

The bigger headed S2 version mentioned above might be better for gun use. I did not go with the S2 because size/wt are more important than throw for my intended use.