Fandyfire S1-1 any reviews?

Looks like it might be a nice 1AAA light but haven’t seen any info about it. Anyone have one?


There was a recent discussion on a very similar looking light.

This Fandyfire seems like a clone of the Apex S1.

Looks like the same light but it is about half price at Fastech. It’s listed as XP-G on one site but who knows.

For $8 it seems like a nice little pocket light or keychain light.

Yes it should be. The length is only 67.20mm. Probably adding to my next FastTech order, together with Blackshadow EVA.

The APEX S1 CREE XP-G R5 LED 1xAAA/10440 Single Mode EDC Flashlight says it has a clicky tail switch (forward or reverse?), yet this one looks identical, but its description says it’s a twisty tail switch. Is the Apex twice the price because it has an identical looking, but clicking switch?

Reviving an old thread but I were commenting on FandyFire S1-1 on another thread an found this one also.

FandyFire has an XPE emitter and a twisty. I don’t think Apex has a clicky as it is almost identical. XPE in FandyFire gives it a great throw for its size that will really surprise you. The reflector is smoother and deeper than a Thrunite Ti and I classify Ti as a throwy light already. FandyFire runs for an hour with a Nimh.