FandyFire STL-V6

I got the FandyFire STL-V6 Sat. Took a few photos to show you guys. This light will throw with the best of the XM-L lights in its class.

Heck, I've never held a light that throws better.

For the money, it's one of the best if not the best. But it won't out throw the Crelant 7G5 I have or I believe the Olight M3X. But it is very close to the M3X. On a wall up close, the beam from the FandyFire STL-V6 is brighter than the M3X. But I was telling Rick last nite comparing the two at 100yds that I believe the M3X has it beat. The STL-V6 puts out a more cool white tint just about like my Catapult V3. The M3X puts out a more natural tint. But the tree at 100yds I could see a little better with the M3X.

Be in no doubt this is a good thrower! A little less throw than my Olight SR91 only.

It always put's smile on my face when I take my cheap thrower, and compare it with them expensive throwers... I keep going back and fourth cause it's to close to call.

Well said Rick.

Like you said for the money this is the one to have. This one will out throw the UniqueFire UF-V2. It has a tighter hotspot the the UF-V2.

Better than the TK70? ;)

Yep. I only paid about $46 shipped for mine.

Well, I have that one, so I guess I've never had an STL one then. I was led to believe they are the exact same in performance and output.

I dig mine! Puts a nice beam out there. I've often thought about mounting it on my AR. But then I realize I probably can't hit anything out that far. That and it's a wee bit large.


How about sheer output compared to the tk41?

Hey Brad nice light nice pic's, i have a question, remember our TR-1200 thread ?

You made that comment about the TR-1200 and posted some nice pictures with it, now since I'm trying to talk my self out of owning a STL-V2 or STL-V6 or putting it on the wish list, going from your measurements they are on par with throw. The Q5 emitter is an actual good thrower for little lumen's.

I ask you cause i know would will give me a honest answer will this out throw your 400 + yard thrower the TR-1200 ? Ive played with similar lights and found the TR-1200 to have the edge on throw so so far Ive never bothered buying one.

This is the thread

There was some nice distance beam shots around 380 yards but they are gone now Cry i ask you cause i think your TR-1200 is driven a little harder then mine, i know a lux meter will say other wise but but the TR-1200 can throw with the tiny Q5 emitters.

I was amazed how a XR-E Q5 emitter in a C8 light will out throw a XML in a C8 light even though the XML C8 puts out a lot more lumen's i think even you noticed this Brad.

The throw distance should be close i think that nice big reflector on the STL-V6 with make a tighter brighter hot spot, so hard to compare the different beams, patterns and tint but it should be close in over all distance FME. For this reason and the fact the TR-1200 is $35 shipped i have not bothered with the STL-V2's or V6's so i would like your honest opinion ?

The FandyFire STL-V6 is so dang close to the Olight M3X in throw it ain't even funny. Yes the STL-V6 will easily out throw my TR-1200. I have only maybe 2 XM-L lights that will beat it. The Crelant 7G5 as you know is my best XM-L thrower followed by I believe the Olight M3X. For the money, no XM-L thrower I have will touch it.

OK cool, nice line up you mentioned there. Ive been waiting to find some one i know with both lights and your the only one i know so far.

So if you say the TR-1200 will throw 400yd plus (365 + meters) The lux readings of the STL-V6 is around 48 @ 1 meter so going by the light meter that most people run off the STL-V6 should throw around 430 meters thats impressive.

So how far do you think the STL-V6 will throw 470yd to match the lux meter ? I'm using the best lux reading i could find on the net for the V6.

The best thrower i have will throw a good 300 meters (328yd) in a pitch black fleid with a 1/4 moon and no light pollution, thats what i call good usable throw where i can clearly make out objects, the lux meter back's this up, but i can get it to reflect of tin sheds, signs, white tree's (ghost gums) or street signs much further, but it is not what i would call good usable throw its more of a reflection.

I am truly interested in this as i am making up my mind if it is worth buying one or a STL-V2 but replacement parts like drivers is a bit of a turn off, but another 100 meters of throw might be a plus, but 40 or 50 meters is not Worth the extra coin to me as i have a half decent thrower already, but the STL's hot spot is sweet.

This is why the 20 questions (sorry), you say no other xml thrower you have will touch it, does that include the TK70 as i thought that would out throw every thing mentioned here as i thought it was the xml throw king, but you say it out throws the TK70 so thats awesome.

I would say on a pitch black nite where the visibility is good and not many bugs,(LOL) the STL-V6 is capable of throwing very close to 500yds.

The TK70 will throw pretty good, but in all reality the beam is too wide and not as concentrated to be an extreme long range thrower. It won't throw the 700 meters that they are claiming. Maybe 500yds would be more like it.

OK 500yd's is impressive I'm sold on the STL-V6, i did not think the TK70 would do the claimed 720 meter throw, that would have to be bounced off a giant reflective bill board sign on the side of a motor way, from what Ive seen on the net 400yd was good but i think your right over 500yd,s your pushing it up hill.

A fair while ago my mate had a TK70 it would not throw more then 400 meters, it kept drooping down in out put all the time and not from turbo either and sort of blinked if you get me, it was one of the very early ones i believe there was a fault and fenix replace a few. Even the one i seen reviewed on you tube from goinggear (not on the range test) looks like it kicked down in high mode after only being on a very short time.

I found my mates did not throw to much further then my good old TR-1200 my wife brought me for $35 bucks well not $270 of throw more any way, my mate payed over $300 us for his shipped + batteries as it was when they first came out and shipping to Australia was not cheap due to the size and bulk and my TR-3T6 i got later on i believe had better spill as the TK70 was stuck in the middle between throw and flood, but he did only use cheap nimh in it to be honest and it was a faulty one, models after it have not had the same problems with kicking down way to early.

I have them both the FF STL-V-6 and the the SR-STL-V2 they throw the same and they sure are hard to beat, for the money....

Hi friend, in your opinion FandyFire STL-V6 CREE XM-LT6 2 has a stronger throw than Fenix TK35 ? For mi it is important to know it. Thnaks

A TK35 is not even in the same league as the FandyFire STL-V6. The Fenix TK35 is not really a 200yd thrower. I had one and got rid of it. The Jetbeam BC40 will out throw a TK35.