FandyFire XHP-70 5-Mode 3000LM 4500-5500K LED Flashlight @fasttech

Please note the previously measured tailcap currents where wrong.

I was using an old and cheap DMM… and i was a bit suspicious of such good numbers. I just borrowed a more reliable DMM and here are the numbers:

- 3 cells x 4.05V: 2.3A = 28W

  • 2 cells x 4.05V: 3.6A = 29W

Sorry for the confusion and optimistic numbers. These are still very decent though.

Has potential. Whats with the Clown Branding? “Fandyfire” Really, so I’m assuming that Pansyfire was already taken then?

I got the unbranded version from Kai Domain. Its pill has a press in driver, it doesn’t have the screw in driver retainer ring.

If we can get enough interest going, Nitro can have a heavy copper pill made for us.

Can you venture a guess on the Lumen output? Does it have mode memory? This light looks quite interesting.

Fandyfire XHP-70 at DX Claims to have mode memory.

White wall shots anybody? :bigsmile:

Can anyone check the lumen output please?

This seems like the perfect candidate for the next BLF Edition light group buy.

With a copper pill, copper MPCB, increased amps and better driver, it would be interesting to see what someone could finalize the price at after it’s all said and done. I know I’m probably not alone with not having any XHP-70 or MT-G lights yet.

I was led to this forum by a google search on this flashlight. I’m wondering if there is any more interest in a group purchase.


google for the Thorfire S70 - nice Light with great tuning potential and a good price available also!

Sorry for the late reply…
I’m just starting to put my first lux meter to use with ceiling bounces. Compared to other lights for which i gathered some measured output through reviews, i’m guessing it to be between 2000 and 2500 lumen.

BTW: i does have a peak followed by a rather steep decay… the above estimate is after it stabilized. Not sure the batteries (2 x Soshine protected 26650 5500mAh) or the driver is to blame.

Yes it seems to have mode memory.

Patmurris, I am about to purchase a Thorfire S70. And I’m wondering if you can give any comparison of the Fandyfire to the Thorfire S70.

Even if you don’t have a S70, I wonder of you would be willing to offer your opinions based on reviews and beam shots that others have posted.


Looking at the reviews, the Thorfire looks much better IMO.

Better design, dual switch, more modes, hidden disco modes, battery level indicator, better output, nice packaging, spare parts…

Now i want one too!

Haha! Thanks for your help!

Much appreciated!

68mm reflector is the same size as the trustfire sst90. This 68mm Large reflector is very nice for xhp70 led and the 3 cell host is great for 12v setup .Perhaps even direct driving a good xhp70 would give 4000-5000ish lumens with select protected cells and lots heatsink compound. With a dedomed xhp70 and a sst90 smooth reflector, this could be a cheap and easy direct drive beast thrower.

How about Fannyfire?

Cheers ^:)