FandyFire XHP-70 5-Mode 3000LM 4500-5500K LED Flashlight @fasttech

Today’s listing at fasttech, price 56,70$ before discount.

Kaidomain has similar model with 2/3*18650, less claimed lumens(2k<3k) but way bigger head and same head diameter (79mm).


Can anyone use his connections for a Fandyfire GB???

Do we have to stick with PMs to avoid MAP police? :wink:
In for 1!

(any other GB cliches?) :smiley:

You want cliches?
-only 3.5A? that sucks
-does it come in beige or autumn brown?
-what batteries do I use in it?
-can we have our dog’s name Fido engraved on it?
-I can get better price at that other store PM me…

Kai Domain has the better deal. $51.82 after BLF discount.

Brand: -
Model: -
Flashlight Material: Aluminum Alloy
Flashlight Color: Black
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree
Emitter BIN: XHP-70
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 1
Battery Configurations: 2 x 18650 / 2 x 26650 Li-ion batteries (not included)
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Tail Cap
Modes: 5
Mode Memory: -
Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS
Circuitry: 3 x 18650 / 3 x 26650: Digital Regulated 2500mA Current Output
2 x 18650 / 2 x 26650: Digital Regulated 4000mA Current Output
Brightness: 2000 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated)
Runtime: 2 to 3 Hours (manufacturer rated)
Lens: Coated Glass Lens
Reflector: Aluminum Textured / OP Reflector
Carrying Clip: -
Carrying Strap: Yes
Other Features: Waterproof IPX-4 Standard
Dimension: 250mm (L) x 79mm (Dia. of Head) x 35mm (Dia. of Body)
Weight: 650g (not include battery)
Package Content: 1. 1 x Flashlight
2. 3 x Battery Tray

I’m interested, but I want to see teardown pics first.

Fandyfire is 53.86$ after BLF or RMBBUST (valid for all items) coupon and claims an extra 1k lumens.

should i ask Neal if he knows the manufacturer ?


I prefer the kaidomain one, 1 less cell in series. If it has decent construction we might be able to do a groupbuy with a custom/modded driver that has more amps.

But both of them give you the choice - 2x or 3x cells.

The Fasttech listing states 15W Power consumption which cant be right, it should max around 32W?

Not sure how good a performer the KD is, but It suggests it should operate at 32W which is what should be expected. Visually both look identical other than the printing on the sider.

We need this in a host form.

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I received mine a few days ago from FT.

It’s huge and bright.

It can run on two or three 18650 or 26650. Tail switch, five modes including two disco modes, PWM. Plain and solid. Nothing fancy.

The size is impressive. With the full three 26650 setup it strongly reminds of a good’old four D cells Maglite, with a bigger head… and it weights a lot. I thought a Convoy L5 or a Solarstorm DX4 where rather big lights. They look like toys beside.

It does output quite some light - to say the least. I did a quick tailcap current measurement that reads 3.2A (see correction below 2.3A) with three freshly charged 26650. That’s close to 40W which is consistent with a well driven XHP-70 (see corrections below 28W). That’s good news.

The beam pattern, output and throw distance are very similar to a FandyFire UV-S5, a triple XML, 4x18650 soup can. Rather floody but still reaching some distance by shear power. It’s quite spectacular for most people. The big head seems to do a good job at heat dissipation.

I hardly played a few minutes with it yet.

Let me know if i can answer some questions about this light.


Can you post some pictures of the pill? All I have seen are these.

Looks a good product, simple design with a good driver and LED.

patmurris does the light output vary much between 2 or 3 x 26650’s?

@Jubeldum: let me look into that… The pill has two tiny holes for tweezers to grab onto. Not comfortable, but a quick try shows it will unscrew rather easily.

@Rolz: it’s hard to tell… Tail cap current with only two cells reads 4.35A (see corrections below 3.6A). The cells read 4.1V. That’s just over 35W (see corrections below 29W). Still a very good number.

Can’t wait for more info. I’m definitely in for one of these.

Here we go:

An idea of the light size:

From left to right: Convoy C8, Convoy L5, Fandyfire XHP-70 and Fandyfire UV-S5

The pill:

Some measurements:

Inside diameters driver side: 24.5mm and 27.2mm (where the driver sits)
Inside depth driver side: 14.10mm
Outside diameters: 28.5mm, 31.85mm (threads) and 32mm

PS: you can see there are a few dings and scratches on the body. My parcel arrived with a sticker “opened by customs”… and the extension tube was loose against the light body when they packed it back. Oh well…