FastTech 2016 clearance sale !!!! Up to 50%!!

Dear BLF members,

To celebrate the coming year of the monkey and to appreciate for the time customers have to wait for shipping while we are on holiday, FastTech is going to launch a clearance sale which the discount will be up to 40%!!! The clearance sale period is between Feb 4 to Feb 7 (US Eastern time).

More than 1000 items are available in this clearance sale. Just check it out using this link:

Included below are some product suggestions for your links ( Clearance sale price will be shown starting on Feb 4 to Feb 7 using the above link). New items will be available each day, just keep checking our link for surprise !!
If you have questions or requests regarding our program, please feel free to contact me at I’ll be around to answer your questions throughout the holiday.

Special notice:

1. Please note that item must be checkout within the above time frame in order to enjoy the discount.
2. Since FastTech will be closed during 2/4 to 2/14 and our supplier will resume working no later than 2/23, it will cause a little delay on processing time.
3. Estimated shipping dates: 2/23 or afterward
4. Here is the link about FastTech holiday schedule : Holiday
5. Meanwhile customer service will be off between 2/4 to 2/14. We will be reachable after 2/15 and reply all the questions as soon as possible.
6. This offer is not stackable with other offers and discounts.

Thank you,

Noel — FastTech

Hi everyone,

Clearance sale will start soon and grab the chance to enjoy the offer :slight_smile:


Will the prices automatically decrease of those dates or do we need to use a coupon code?

Hi tatasal,

To enjoy the clearance sale discount. you need to place the order through this link:

Can we make requests in this thread or only by e-mail?

It would be nice if you would include a few flashlights in the clearance.

Am I losing my mind or wasn’t there some 20% discount code for everything during the clearance period?!

I tried to search it, but it seems to have disappeared!

You may be referring to this post:

FastTech Year of the Monkey promotion - 20% sitewide discount!!!

Apparently, FastTech is having both a clearance sale and a 20% discount sale with a code. I would guess that the clearance items are NOT eligible for the discount code.

Yes, that’s it! I don’t know why it didn’t appear in my search…

At least, I’m not losing it! :smiley:

Hi djburkes,
Thank you for your suggestion. Sorry that flashlight is not included in this clearance sale. We are now offering 20% site-wide starts on Feb 5.

You can check using this link:

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Bort,

You can make any comments or requests in this thread.


Clearance sale started on 2/4. Check it out using this page: FastTech Clearance sale