Fasttech - Battery shipping problems revisited?

Hi all. I just tried to buy some of the Panasonic NCR18650PF batteries from Fasttech and everything is fine up until I have to select shipping.

All the possibilities are greyed out except one - Malaysia Post. But that option says "Unavailable for this shipping address"

Anyone else have similar problems or is it jsut my luck?

Yes, I have the same problems. Bettter order your batteries at f.e.

The Malaysia Post option is not available to all regions. See FAQ:

That is because you are living in Denmark.

Must be location as HJK said. I was able to pop them in my cart and postage was auto selected to the only service (Malaysia Post) willing to take batteries, plus $0.75 postage including tracking fee.

I just ordered some LG ICR18650D1 with some other stuff and there was also only Malaysia post shipping available. Last Monday FT told me my order had been shipped, then on wednesday i got a message, that there was “a little problem” (supplier has provided wrong stock) and that they would ship everything but the batteries, and the batteries later in an extra package. On thursday i got a message that they shipped the batteries and they shipped them with singapore post!!!

So maybe you can just ask them, if they can ship to denmark with some other carrier.

You are not alone, I’m also having the same message, funny part is my address is in Malaysia.

I asked them why, they told me its still on trial period, not to all countries yet.

I somehow cannot understand why I can get loose Samsung 18650s from Banggood using Malaysia Postal while FastTech can’t.

Lithium based batteries ? Banggood from now on, bye bye Fasttech.

Ah. TY for the linky Chloe

[quote=iron potato] You are not alone, I'm also having the same message, funny part is my address is in Malaysia. [/quote]

Ok. That is funny. Not funny ha ha but funny strange!

Thank you to everybody's for your help . I'll explore other vendors.

I just tested, and it seems to work fine when ordering to Sweden.

And the funny thing is that the postal companies are the same for Sweden and Denmark, PostNord. They merged 2009. But still, there must remain some differences. I can only assume that FastTech has tried to ship batteries to Denmark, and it failed. But it worked fine to Sweden. I received some Panasonic 18650 batteries from FT a few weeks ago.

I also ordered a week ago and there was no problem shipping it to Germany.
I also got an email that the package is on the way.

Same thing here… Wallbuys still ships batteries without problem trough Malaysia post, but it can take time as package is sorted at famous CMP Roserio (Roserio - Wikipedia)

Just as a side note, this Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared had a "significant load" of Lithium batteries in the cargo hold. It came up as a possible cause of a crash before they realized it kept flying 7 hours after loosing contact.

I ordered 6 of those about 40 days ago and still haven't seen them? The tracking just says 'accepted' So even if FT will ship them to you; I would get them from somewhere else.

I’m not trying to start a fight, do you think its funny that MH370 went missing/possible hijacked ?

It might have been a touch insensitive given the timing, but Id suggest he was simply pointing out it was reported that investigators looked into the possibility it was lithium batteries that took the plane down. The thread is about the issues of FT not delivering lithium batteries, and airlines refusing to take them.

Id suggest that that investigation is standard procedure, and proper. If youve ever watched one of those air crash investigation programs, you will know they investigate a plot, plenty of which they probably already suspect has no involvement. Its a scientific process requiring them to rule it out based in evidence or lack of after looking for it.

Malaysia post is also the only one that ships knives to Australia.

I have 8 pages of knife orders shipped with Malaysia post and only 2 have arrived after about 50 days, most of my orders take 15-20 days after leaving FastTech (where they can take from 3-10 days to send out my knives) before they are on their way here.

So about 30 days From ordering before they are on a flight to my country (or perhaps its a boat) then another 15-20 days to arrive to me.

I noticed they changed it from 7-14 days typical to 14-18 days typical on the Malaysia shipping option but if it was only that fast (even though its slow) I would be happy.

FastTech also blow you off with “we have sent a email to the shipping company and will notify you of the status of your package” but even after 3+ months when I last lost a large amount of orders I never received a reply or refund from them.