FastTech Convoy brand flashlights

This time they've added the very excellent Roche F12 for just $22.79, a good $5 less than the competition. What a great light! I will have to start saving up fast.

They also have some great looking new Convoy models at great prices:

Convoy L2 for less than $52. Looks like a good thrower!

Convoy L1 for $25.94. Looks like a great 1 or 2 cell tactical light w/type3 ano.

Convoy M2. Great looking EDC and p60 alternative.

Why, oh why, do I have to be so broke right now?? Why must I have this addiction??? :party:

Convoy L2 looks interesting.

Thanks for the heads up!

Dont forget the M1. :heart_eyes:

I think it looks beautiful!

HA-III, almost like a P60 size light but probably with better heat sinking due to the size of the head… Basically the “full” selection of tints too.

I suggest renaming this thread and making it into the Fasttech Convoy lights thread. Too many different threads around here that touches the same fasttech products. Or talking about new Convoy lights… What about dedicating this thread to the all Convoy lights in general (from fasttech).

L2 looks very nice. Should be throwy with such setup.

L1 looks sweet! like a budget lumintop td15x

I really like the choices that they offer ...drivers with 3,4,6,8 * 7135 and tint selection on the XM-Ls 1B,3C,5C,7C .... I hope they offer the S2/S3 in 3C neutral soon.

man… that f12 has been on my want list for a while… ive been looking for a few small 18650 edc lights… going to have to wait till feb though.

Does 7c have the lowest color temperature?
I prefer warm tint for EDC…( I love the tint of ZL H600W )

Im not sure what kind of led is in the H600W. I did not think it was as warm as a 7C.
It should be easy to see where the most used fasttech leds are compared to each other on this chart…

The M2 looks like a 26650-light to me, although that is neither in the description nor in the images (adapter).
The look of the body and the dimensions (36mm) suggest it.

I honestly think these Convoy lights are the best bangs-per-buck-wise I have seen in a very long while (or maybe ever…)!
Tint and driver selection, super great looking hosts and to top it up: a brand name that doesn’t sound like s**t at least IMO for that prices. Wow. just Wow.

This Convoy brand reminds me of the custom build PC websites. They offer many choices between drivers and emitter across a variety of different styles. There’s no other offering like it among competing brands.

I also agree that the name is even appealing, although still cheapish sounding. Kind of like some of the names of the Chinese reps on this board :smiley: (sorry, I don’t mean to offend the good ones)

It breakes my heart to hear that. PM me your PP email.

I pretty much have a nonstop convoy from FastTech to my house now…

Try their 10440s in the shiny wrapper, they kick arse as the limeys say and are much better than the plain TFs.

Maybe they just corrected it because I see “1 x 18650 / AMC7135” in the subtitle.

the next BFL community light should be convoy

Why, oh why, do I have to be so broke right now??

Why must I have this addiction???


Is Convoy an existing name in common chinese lights? This is the first time I recall seeing the brand and I’ve been ordering various lights and reading posts for about a month.

I was about to ask the same question - until Fasttech came along I’d never heard of Convoy. Does anyone actually have one? Any reviews?

Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a Convoy…


A. I thought the L2 would significantly outthrow the STL-V2


B. I had some 26650 batteries

I might try the L2.

I bought an Intl Outdoors EDC a few weeks ago, It arrived with Convoy S3 printed on the side. I got the gold one, and a black empty host to build. The black one is unbranded.

The quality is excellent. As good as any I have seen.

I just ordered an M2 from FastTech. I think the 36 mm spec is a reference to the head diameter. The body tube looks standard 18650. Overall, a similar size to an L2M SolarForce, only much better, I hope.

I really like the selection of Convoy lights, a full range of useable and good looking lights and awesome choice of custom setups. I don’t think there is anything else out there like them at the moment.

If the M2 is as good as the S3, I can see myself adding quite a few more Convoys to the collection.