FastTech coupon keep members updated

Jan.9, 2013

I need some batteries. Can anyone provide me with a valid coupon code for FasTech??

I thought this thread might be handy for members to post the latest valid FastTech coupon codes for easier purchasing...or maybe some other format?

LAUNCH: 5% off

Great idea! :smiley:

Thanks. I’ll try it today.

Don't forget our "BLF" discount code good for 5% off flashlights and related accessories (I think?).


Do you mean the code is… BLF ?

Code “BLF” works !

Thanks Garry

If LAUNCH still works, use that, it’s 5% across everything. It’s supposed to be a limited time code.

“BLF” is a permanent code, also 5%, but only works for batteries and lights related.

Yep, sorry if that wasn't clear.


One thing about the fasttech codes:

If you buy 3 items of a kind, you get only the bulkrate discount, not the bulkrate discount and the coupon code discount. With the first expired code GOTECH you get the bulkrate discount and the coupon code discount for the firts of the 3 itemes, not for all 3. But this don’t work anymore.

Read other threads about FastTech, the codes are there!

GOTECH, doesn’t work anymore, was maybe 10%?
LAUNCH, works on everything, obviously will expire after some time, 5%.
BLF, CPF, works on flashlight related things, same discount as LAUNCH, 5%.

Any new ones?

Maybe some other forums have the same discount as BLF, CPF, don’t know those so I haven’t tried.

TENOFF works, but despite the name, only 5% off. Seem to work on everything as well.

Arghh…! Why didn’t I see this before placing my order?

Good thing I only bought 2 items to start… Now with these codes I will buy more!

I told you we needed this thread to keep us updated. It’s for our own good.

Okay. I ordered four 18650. The bulk rate kicked in so no coupons would apply.
4 X Panasonic 18650A 3100 Unprotected Buttontop = $28.82
Not bad.

So these coupons are only good for 3 items each order to be effective?

The coupon codes only apply to items not discounted at the bulk rate. Since the bulk rate is usually a better discount anyway, this is a good thing.

I suggest trying the ‘BLF’ code first, as it was set up for us (I think ‘CPF’ has the same effect). According to Kyle at Fasttech, the code ‘LAUNCH’ was not supposed to be used by customers, but was probably given out by one of their staff. Give it a shot and see if it makes a difference. I suspect any differences will be minor.

Edit: corrected my confusing wording regarding the bulk discount.

I'm just about to place a fairly good size order with FastTech (FandyFire UV-S5, FandyFire STL-V6, batteries, chargers, etc). The 5% coupon code works for me, but being the budget-conscience person I am, I was wondering if anyone knew of a currently active 10% off coupon code.


Hi. Just placed order myself couple days ago. The code BLF gives 5% discounts to flashlights only. So try code LAUNCH It should give you 5% across the board for flashlights + items other than flashlights.

Thanks for the tip. I tried both BLF and LAUNCH. They both give me the same 5% discount (which is nice), so all my items must be considered 'flashlight' related.

It appears that there are only 5% coupons floating around, I wrote PM to Fasttecha and their answer was that 10% was only during their launch, otherwise it minimises their profits too much.