FastTech do not deliver my paid items

There has been a whole quite long thread about battery orders from China over the last several months. Most postal systems have started refusing to handle batteries via air mail at all which more and more means shipment via surface mail which is SLOW. Many do not even differentiate between lithium Ion and the Energizer Lithium type 1.5 volt batteries which are quite safe so far as I know.

USA buyers have two excellent and reasonable cost local sources, RMM and Illumination Supply. If you are in other countries without those resources then you are pretty well stuck with China and the slow surface mail delivery involved currently.

I’ve just paid £20 for 2 pannys 3400mah
About $35
I paid that from eBay UK so I didn’t have to wait nearly 70 days like my last order from China

Take a Number! lol Last order was 37 days. Previous was over 30. Seems the lower the dollar value, the longer they sit on it before they ship it. BTW< they may not know you can’t file a PP claim. I would wait til 35 days, then fire off a email saying you are going to file a claim unless they make it right. See if that works?? Good Luck.

It never fails. I complain about shipping and that day the batteries show up.

June 28th to Sept 3rd via Malaysia Post with probably 5-10 days of that clearing customs.

Don't feel bad. I have an order from 7/3 that is still not here. Their response is wait, wait, and wait some more. To me, their service is no better than that of DXListing. Now I will file a CC dispute.

It is a shame because my cart and wishlist were full of goodies but I cannot trust them. For the time being I will stick with Banggood! They have always treated me properly.

My order of batteries took 82 days via surface.

IMO guys you cannot blame FastTech for a shipping situation on batteries that is being caused by post office rules and regulations regarding products which can no longer be air shipped. If Banggood is still managing to get their batteries shipped via air either they possibly have access to a local post office which is not following the regulations or they are using some non post office type shipping. However no one is perfect and Banggood packaging of batteries can allow damage to them per another recent thread.

To me the only valid complaints involve cases where they promised air shipment and then shipped by surface mail without giving the customer an opportunity to cancel the order. To me that is unacceptable.


I believe you.

I have one from aliexpress - 60 days, and it has only "insert item into bag" status.

Seller is crying and convincing me that everything will be ok.

This has already been stated, but again:

Don’t blame Fasttech for battery shipping problems. It’s not their fault, nor any other vendor.

If you order batteries from China, plan on waiting three months. If it shows up earlier, you got lucky. Period.

They must be late paying their bribes because their batteries seem to get tied up in customs more than other sellers. The last time this happened to me, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and didn’t file the dispute before the 45 day mark. But they are a legit vendor, and I have a long track record of good experiences with them, which I can’t say about many other Chinese sellers.

My Samsung 14500 cells finally arrived after 50-something days—really close to the 60 mark IIRC. So there’s still hope yours will arrive.

+ 1.

It happens to all China-based vendors, sometimes even with non-battery items. “DHL-it”, if don’t like unpredictable waiting times.

problem was I paid for air and then promised by CS, end result was surface shipping which was a total lie.

Well, that’s a different story then.

I’m very pleased with fasttech honesty. Ordered batteries, Philippines post. Been about 60 days (so past the PayPal claim period, which I didn’t submit), and fasttech just refunded saying there was postage problems. The tracking number showed them in Philippines for a long time. It shows them still there. So while I didn’t get my batteries, I got refund where if they chose , they could have kept my money, but they were honest and refunded.

You have been lucky. I’m now at 50 days after I paid. I asked FastTech to do something to help. Received the same answer once more this morning the “please wait” again and again…

My tracking number is stuck in philipinnes too.

I guess somehow they know mine won’t be delivered ( maybe returned or notified they won’t be posting it). At least their actions with me show they are being honest.

Hope they will be for me too !

I just got a torch delivered to Australia only took 2 weeks, I’ve considered getting batteries from them as they are slightly cheaper than banggood, but I know better than that

Aliexpress has the advantage in this situation, they can extend the protection date quite a few times with both parties’ consent.

I received one Aliexpress shipment containing phone battery at almost 80days as well. Not the best time using surface but the good thing is, seller can still sell batteries and buyer can still buy them, and not forgo buyer protection.