FastTech do not deliver my paid items

I have ordered and paid on July the 18th for 4 Li-ion 18650 Panasonic 3400 mAh (order number A071899761) but received nothing at present time (46 days after the order).

I have asked FT twice about my order but I think they don’t care about my problem, they only told me to wait again and again…

Now I’m very upset, I think it is evident that I lost my $38 because when I order from Hong Kong my items usually arrive in 7 to 15 days.

Just want to know if somebody else had this kind of misadvendure dealing with FastTech ? Is it really a serious place to buy ?


Did you dispute the charge with paypal, has to be done by day 45.

No, I can’t. Because when I have ordered, I paid with paypal but forgotten to log in to my paypal account (it is possible in France to pay with paypal without the use of a paypal account, you just have to click “pay with paypal” and enter your credit card number) so the transaction don’t appear in my paypal account and I can’t open a dispute :frowning:

keep trying to reach Fasttech, my dealings with them were all ok, I’ve used Paypal though. All that considering, on day 43 I usually open the dispute, no matter who is the seller.

Do you know what the shipping method was when you ordered?

Ground/Sea, or Air?

No, I don’t know if it is by sea or air. I have a tracking number from Philipinnes Post but the last event says :

2014-08-11 15:57, Prepare dispatch to destination country, PHILIPPINES

Strange the last event is near 1 month after I ordered…

46 days are nothing. My last FT battery order came in 69 days... but some one has broken my record at 96 days. Haha.

It will come eventually. Order new batch from another source if you need them urgently. You may choose to sell or keep FT batch later.

edreams I have an order for batteries from FT as well, Phillipines post also. I also ordered mid/late July. My tracking shows them in Greece (?!?). Perhaps they will arrive, this is certanly my last battery order with Fasttech. I am on day 43 I think.

Over time, I have had mostly good experiences with Fasttech, and also had issues (not delivered, wrong item) every now and then. I started 'tickets' when that happened, some issues were resolved quickly, some took a lot of patience. You are right to be upset by their attitude, but being upset does not help much with a chinese company. The way to go unfortunately is keeping patient and polite and be very clear about what you expect from them. it is an annoying procedure, but eventually all my issues have been resolved like that (and I hope my current one will be resolved as well).

Don’t worry, FT is not a bogus vendor. Shipping of batteries has been the problem of almost, if not all, free-ship vendors these past months.

I have one battery order of mine ‘float’ for 1.5 months, only to be returned to sender, and they refunded me.

Thanks everybody for those informations. I buy a lot from China and HK from ebay sellers, banggood, and other online dealers but this is the first time I have to wait so long. When very lucky Hong Kong arrives in 7 days. When less lucky it can take a little bit more than 2 weeks, but 46 days, never seen before !

Recently I received 3 14500 li-ion from Banggood in less than 10 days.

I won’t deal again with FastTech if they do nothing to help, because this delay is anormaly long.

My batteries took 96 days to get to Australia! I have had nothing but trouble with the 4 orders I have placed with them. I consider them the worst of all the online sellers, their customer service just give generic “please wait longer” and “sorry for the trouble” type answers and make absolutely no attempt to resolve problems. Others seem to have better luck with them.

Even with non-battery orders?

FT only ships batteries via surface mail.

You've heard that old expression "on a slow boat to China", well your cells are on a "slow boat from China".

That means its in a container on a container ship stopping at various ports along the way. Where your container actually comes off is unknown. Then it is stored in a container yard until someone picks it up and processes the mail.

It's a slow process, but should arrive eventually.

My non battery orders have been faster but every one of them either had items missing or incorrect items, and don’t even get me started on the piece of junk SRK clone they sent me ( which they advertise as the most genuine available!) from my experiences I doubt I will ever buy from them again.

Exactly as Ouchyfoot told.

They are sending batteries with surface mail and that means that you will have to wait 60 days until they reach to your place. They are on slow boat from China.

HK air mail is 10x faster than surface mail so you should not compare your older battery orders because batteries these days have air shipping ban in most countries and most sellers send them via surface mail.

During checkout you are warned that they will send with surface mail and that will be slow delivery. You also received their picture of your parcel with tracking number as a prof that they did send your item.

So if you find better deal than this (Seller that can send with air mail) please share this with us.

Battery orders aside, all of my recent FT orders have been arriving down to AU in 2-3 weeks.

Log into your FT account, click on the order # in question. It should tell you the shipping method.

eg; “Ship via Hong Kong Post Surface Mail.”

It would also have told you the default shipping method when you placed the order.

I was told mine were sent air, then they sent them by sea.

I have a battery order coming from June 28th.
They told me to wait two months and then get back to them. They’ve been good to me in the past and resolved missing items well past the paypal dispute window so I’m not worried about getting the batteries, it’s just a pain to wait so long.

Hi all,
I am in the same situation…( Our batteries could be on the same ship… :smiley: )

It is amazing how people and their experiences differ… I have ordered plenty times from fast tech, and am in general very happy with them as a supplier! It is only since the recent clamp down on airline transport that I have had any battery issues. I agree with what one of the other guys said, if you can find a better alternative, please let us know so we can make use of them. ( Also recently had a battery order from bang good go missing, and am still waiting for the replacements…)