FastTech New Arrivals & Promotion

Hi everyone,

The code is applicable to all the items as it is a site-wide discount. Please report if any item is not working?


Ordered about $46 worth of flashlight-related things plus a couple of knives. Saved about $9 using the KUNGHEI discount code.

(I’m not sure whether clicking on the Fasttech link in the OP is an affiliate link, but I used it anyway to get to the site and make the purchase.)

Thank you Fasttech and Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Hi 1dash1,

The link in the OP is not the affiliate link but a link to let us measure the traffic from each site. Please use the above link for purchasing and it will be a great help for us to implement or promote new discount plan or offer here :slight_smile:

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Nice… Just ordered some new 1A tint XP-L HI emitters… 3x for $12.78 after discount.

One of these will end up in a pill for my new UniqueFire 1508 when things slow down and I’m able to unpack my modding box. I used my previous stash on a project for a coworker and needed replacements anyway.

I’m scrolling through their emitters right now, adding bunches to my cart. I might get some batteries too. The coupon makes it a great price on 7135’s too

Ordered a couple of Olight I3E’s in girly colours for the Mrs and daughter.

@Will34 - Thanks for the Manker U11 deal alert. I love cool tech lights that can be taken apart with little effort. :bigsmile:

Thanks FastTech! I also restocked on large quantities of emitters and other misc supplies. You should consider offering this discount more often to increase your sales.

Talking about the light sources…
(even had to exclude some intriguing 3000K HI XP-L’s because of the budget :~ )

Cree XP-L HI U6-5A 380LM 4000-4500K LED Emitter
Item# 3594908 $4.07 USD
Cree XP-L HI V5-1A 460LM 6500K LED Emitter
Item# 3740302 $4.95 USD
Cree XHP70 N4-1B 1830LM 6500K LED Emitter
Item# 3740700 $9.47 USD
Cree XP-L HI V2-5C 420LM 3700-4000K LED Emitter
Item# 3849700 $4.22 USD
Cree XP-L HI V5-3B 460LM 5000-5300K LED Emitter
Item# 3849701 $4.06 USD
1.75W 160LM 620-630nm Red Light COB LED Module
Item# 1944900 $1.70 USD
18W 1000LM 6000-6500K Pure White Light COB LED Module
Item# 1804604

Be cautious of emitters. My recent purchase of XP-G2 S2 emitters perform identical to R5 emitters, and less than S2 emitters I got elsewhere

Teclast x98 pro for ~193$ after coupon?

I need general purpose computer that will replace old desktop PC (big screen stays),and be portable,also Windows support is important(x98 pro is win10+android). Is this good option?

G'Day led4power,

Depends what you want to do with it.

From specs, it should be OK for web browsing & basic tasks.

But it does NOT compare to any decent desktop.

Best Regards,


Just a wee heads up - this works out at around £35 with the code - I could be so, so tempted had I not ordered a normal S1 from AE earlier today for about £23.

Picked up a Convoy S2+ and 4 18650’s
Great price with coupon!

If Windows support is a necessity for you, I’d suggest sticking with a laptop or desktop. Windows support of these type of devices is poor. (What works now, works. When they issue an upgrade, all hell breaks loose.)

As an Android device, it looks great!

You’re talking about a matching keyboard, right?

Otherwise, any bluetooth keyboard ought to work.

And if you really need a keyboard, you’ll probably end up with a laptop, anyway.

Got a bunch more stuff, Sanrenmui's, Ganzo's, the BTU, Skyray's 4x's, tools galore, drivers, xm-l2's, 2.5 and 3mm solder wick, solder paste, Convoy S2's, 3's and 4's. That was just today..

Literally saved hundreds!

Thank you FT!!!!!

What sort of 18650 should I choose for the S2+?

The stock S2+ draws a maximum of 2.8A, so just about any good quality 18650 will do. The flashlight has springs at the head and at the tail, so it doesn’t matter whether the battery is a button-top or a flat-top. And the choice of protected or unprotected cells should be based on your comfort level in following proper protocols for charging and recharging the cells.

Here are a few suggestions:

Hope your friends know what they are doing with unprotected li-ion batteries. :sushi:

Skytrooper, 1dash1 thanks for the info!
I’ll order protected ones.