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FastTech 15% OFF Site-wide Sale From Oct 30 - Oct 31

Halloween is coming !!! | FastTech 15% OFF Site-wide Sale From Oct 30 - Oct 31

Halloween Surprises!

FastTech is going to have a 2-day site-wide promotion from Oct 30 to 31 (UTC –6).

All the products will be 15% off! Grab the chance to get this big offer!

Promotion Date: Oct 30 00:00 - Oct 31 23:59 (UTC –6)

Offer: Site-wide 15% off

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Weekend Sale - New Arrivals 3 Days Flash Sale((09/27/2019))

Hello everyone,
The Chinese National Day is upcoming, In order to feedback your support, FastTech has launched a special full site discount promotion for you.
15% OFF for the whole site, CouponCode:GOLD15, from Sep.30-Oct.01 (UTC-6)
10% OFF for the whole site, CouponCode:GOLD10, from Oct.02-Oct.03 (UTC-6)
Let’s stay tuned.

Wednesday Limited-Time Offer((09/25/2019))

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Weekend Sale((09/20/2019))
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Mid-September Sale | ((09/18/2019))

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HAPPY Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival ((09/11/2019))
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Weekend Sale!((09/06/2019))
-New&Hot Gadgets Collection

New Products((09/05/2019))
Outdoor Portable USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight $17.23

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LABOR DAY Sale Notification((8/28/2019))
LABOR DAY is coming, and we’re going to make a big promotion during Aug 31 - Sep 2(UTC-6).

Weekend Sale((8/23/2019))
The One You Desire is ON SALE NOW Up Tp 45% Off

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New Arrivals (7/5/2019)
JETBeam KO-02 Rechargeable Portable EDC LED Flashlight
IPX8 waterproof,1800 LM,4000 mAh battery, good price and quality.

New Arrivals (7/4/2019)
Authentic LUMINTOP FW3A LED Flashlight, you’ll get a nice price after using coupon code.
Go directly to the product page or check Independence Day Sale!

New Arrivals (6/28/2019)

Outdoor Camping Multifunctional LED Flashlight Mosquito Repellent Lamp $32.08 only for weekend sale!

New Arrivals (11/7)

Authentic Nitecore MH25GTS Portable Super Bright LED Flashlight $85.41

Coomas M10 Outdoor Portable Tactical LED Flashlight $9.99

New Arrivals (10/29)

Outdoor Multifunctional LED Flashlight $9.75

Outdoor Fishing LED Headlamp $9.36

Authentic Revtronic F20B LED Flashlight Gife Set $18.74

Authentic EAGLE EYE X3R LED Flashlight $22.52

Flashlight Sale - Up to 35% Off - Until 10/26 23:59 (UTC-6)

Flashlight Sale

Authentic UltraFire UF-V9 Bicycle Light LED Flashlight $15.60

Authentic Manker E04 LED Flashlight Gift Set $39.62

Authentic Manker T02 LED Flashlight $44.01

Authentic Manker U23 LED Flashlight Gift Set $58.30

Autumn Sale - Site Wide 10% Off - Code: AUTUMN

Authentic Machfally BK300 Bicycle LED Tail Warning Safety Lamp $7.18

E-SMART SK98 LED Flashlight w/ Focus Zoom $5.11

Flashlight Sale - Up to 45% Off! Until 9/3

Authentic Soshine TC15 LED Flashlight $13.36

9*LED 1-Mode 365-400nm UV LED Flashlight (2-Pack) $2.77

Authentic IMALENT RT35 LED Flashlight Set $150.95

Authentic Nitecore MH23 LED Flashlight $73.46

Authentic Nitecore N62 LED Flashlight $29.95

FASTTECH 3-Port USB Wall Charger Power Adapter (US/EU)

Authentic WUBEN T102Pro Prometheus LED Flashlight Gift Set

Outdoor Gear Sale Up to 33% off


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Authentic SKILHUNT S3 PRO LED Flashlight $62.31

Authentic Nitecore HC65 LED Headlamp $72.00

Authentic Nitecore NU25 LED Headlamp $38.00

Authentic UltraFire UF-P05 LED Flashlight $18.95

Authentic BORUiT B13-A1 Light Sensor LED Headlamp w/ Focus Zoom $18.72

Naturehike NH00T002-D Outdoor LED Headlamp $21.21

PAGAO Bicycle LED Front Light $19.10

Authentic UltraFire UF-1508 LED Flashlight $29.59

Authentic Armytek Wizard Magnet LED Flashlight $55.39

RichFire SF-P14 Tactical LED Flashlight $31.92

FastTech Exclusive Coupon code: BLF
Enjoy 5% off on all the Flashlight and Batteries Products!

E-SMART Mini LED Flashlight w/ Focus Zoom $5.39

RJ-2800 LED Headlamp w/ Focus Zoom $9.23

JIAOSUN SY-8099 LED Flashlight w/ Focus Zoom $8.35

Shengfeihuo SF-D10 LED Flashlight $14.49

Atongm USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight $17.74

UItraFire DV-R21 LED Flashlights $52.79

HaikeLite MT01 LED Flashlight $50.94

Sofirn SP35 LED Flashlight $39.20

SKYFIRE SF-002 LED Flashlight Gift Set w/ Focus Zoom $14.40

UltraFire UF-V3 LED Flashlight w/ Focus Zoom $9.33

A6 Intelligent Remote Control USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Warning Light $19.25

Authentic KLARUS Titanium H1A LED Headlamp $89.90

Authentic Fenix FD20 LED Flashlight $44.49

Authentic KLARUS MI1C LED Flashlight $48.95

Cree XHP70.2 P2-5C 4292LM 4000K LED Emitter $12.07

Cree XHP70.2 P2-5C 4292LM 4000K LED Emitter $12.45

Cree XHP70.2 P2-1A 4292LM 6500K LED Emitter $12.45

What time zone are those dates in effect?

Hi EyeballFryer,

The time zone will be US eastern time. Thank you for the reminder.


That image claims that the 15% discount is valid from Feb 8-14 instead of Feb 8-11. If the image is incorrect, I recommend that you update the discount and dates in the image to avoid any confusion.

Thank you and we have updated the new version.

Sounds like a good time to stock up on emitters and 7135’s
Thanks for the sale

So is it sitewide or just on the page you linked?

Hi AlexGT,

It is a sitewide promotion and you can check the link again :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

We adjusted the discount rate which will offer you all with greater save.

Cheers :slight_smile:



Hi everyone,

Promotion will start soon and welcome to visit our site and select any items you like :slight_smile:


So, some products may have 20% discount but the most of them will have less than that, most of the good stuff will have 5% or maybe 10%, right?

Hi Hunter,

Thank you for your reply. We have two discount promotion. One is site-wide promotion and all the items are marked in 20% off between Feb 5-Feb 7, and 15% off between Feb 8- 14.

And another discount is clearance sale promotion and which only selected items are in 50% off. It starts on Feb 4- Feb 7.

You can refer to this:

All items 20% off between Feb 5-7 sounds great.

This is the confusing part, “up to 20“. Doesn’t this mean it could be anywhere from 1 to 20%?

Hi shilent,

Thank you for your comments. Since the promotion will be last to 2/14 and the discount rate will be 15% only between Feb 8- 14. That’s the reason why we marked it as “Up to 20%”

Feel free to contact us when you have questions.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi, im trying to apply the coupon but not works, ¿why? code doesn't work. It's well into 2/5 US Eastern time. What gives ?

...year of the monkey

Now Works.

I tried the coupon code once and got “Invalid Coupon Code”.
I tried the same coupon code second time and it was applied successfully.
Checked out and ordered.
Now the wait…

It seems like it doesn’t work on some items, must remove them from cart to apply the coupon.

Edit: coupon works now, logged into my account and placed the order.