Fasttech - Problems in customer service

Fasttech - What I have to do with my lost orders?

I haven’t received them after * 70* YES, SEVENTY days.

They write to me to every time please wait few more days.
They have promised a refund or resend but its only words in my email.

Second time I open PAYPAL dispute immediatelly if its happend. Please to do you gus a same way.
Nowdays I hev been stop to make any of new order from there.

Fasttech - not so nice customer service anymore -

Was it registered parcel? What were you buying by the way?

Your shipment, has the tracking code? Has been Fasttech not to send or sent and the problem is the other?
Fasttech, I think, use the postal service in Hong Kong.
I have a package sent from DX (use the postal Chinese) and DX is output from the 28/02/2013 [D/M/Y]; has stagnated in the post offices Chinese for more than two months and arrived in Italy 04/05/2013 [D/M/Y]; in Rome … yesterday.

From Fasttech, normally, in a month (many times also only about 20 days) arrives home, never had any problems.

I had an order from Fasttech spin its wheels in San Fran Post Office. It took phone calls to the USPS, along with “open case” with them, and emails, to get it moving.

The Last Katun please give that trace system service address what you are using.

Those order include few batteries and charges. Was Sent by Singapore post I suppose.

I use one of the following tracking pages:

You should go to Manage Your Orders and click on the tracking number link that would take you to the tracking page.

ALSO, go to (as pictured above) and key in the tracking number. It sometimes give more details.

Yes, I’m going on
There is also an App for Android OS, it’s called “TRACK ME

+ 1,,, etc etc are all great tracking sites, i used them all. but (FREE account) is da best.

I have been checked both of my orders using tracing service and statuses are both of
“left Hong Kong for its destination on 9-Mar-2013”.

I think Fasttech have to be contact to Singapore post and also refund my money back because they have given promices for that.

Any Ideas?

Singaporepost is the worst to my region, but when it comes to batteries even Manafont have to use it.
I told Fasttech not to use Singaporepost. Always took about 1.5 to 2 months to reach me.
I doubt that Singaporepost ship via air, maybe it is via sea or horse.

I guess FASTTECH knows singaporepost is very slow, so they are waiting for the parcel to show up at your doorstep.

I have one item missing from fasttech, too.
Some razor blades for 5$ untracked ordered in April. All orders after this one have arrived long time.

I had it one time that a DX order got lost, they refunded after 1.5 month and the package arrived after 4 month….??? Not sure how this could happen.
But all in all not a single package got lost and I order hundreds of packages every year….

So I will wait some more days and then I am sure they will resend it…hopefully before I look like wookiee in my face…

But I really need those batteries and charger.

Maybe I make a new order from somewhere. It’s not a Fasttechs fault but
why the give me promises on refund or resed if the wont ;(

The 90 day’s is dedline for me.

Bar co, if you PM me your tracking code, I’ll try my best to find out more about it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, very kind for you. I’ll send to you PM as I found those tracing codes.