Fasttech server also crashes?

whoaaa… don’t have much luck… just 1 day after wallbuys server crashed… fasttech is crashed too?
I guess they under estimate the number of buyers from our forum :wink:

Like always…

Same here. Have something in my cart, put in the coupon and next "The service is unavailable."

I'm sitting here laughing my ass off trying to get one of the Innokin VTR mods and seeing the server crash the instant the sale started. ROFL! You'd think they'd have anticipated the amount of hits they'd get but apparently they didn't. I guess I'll just wait for the site to come back up and find something else in the sale ad other than the previewed items. Oh well :(

I just get the service unavailable, LOL.

I EFFING hate this that I have to wake up in the middle of the night to fail.

And now that it's back up all the promo items are gone. Ah well.

I got the 0.01$ flashlight but accidentally deleted it while deleting the full price DMM from my cart……

All items I want to buy get only 5% off with the Xmas coupon…

I can get the EC2 for $60,98 :(

next try Multimeter for $9.38

Is it just me or does anyone else want to burn something?! >)

Same with me, still have some items left but get “The service is unavailable.” :frowning:

I just ordered this and saved 0.07$….better than nothing

oh well… maybe next Chinese new year sale :Sp
I’ll be looking for their special sale

Seems like these sales are backfiring…

Leaves more customers angry than happy. :~

With marmite :slight_smile:

They should have a ballot system rather than fastest fingers… and get their cart crashed… plus negative comment everywhere.

Same story here.

One good thing I e-mailed Cherry at Wallbuys and told her that I had the UF-T20 loaded. (which I did) and she sent me a link so that it cost me $12 and that included a tracking number. I took it. I love that little light modded up with a de-domed XP-G2 and slightly lifted up. It’s a very cool little light.

Who wants to bet that Fast Tech won’t do the same? I have a small order I placed in October that has never shown up and they are still giving me the run around. I’m about sick of FT.

Crazy promo from crazy participants…it was fun though! First time I enjoyed not getting anything…

LOL, I missed the magical time stamp and came 5min. late to the party, at that time the server was down already.

It's round about 3.30 a.m. in Germany - I go to bed.

I tried it one last time and could enter all steps (cart, confirm address etc.) of the EC2 but the price is $60,98 (I have not placed the order).

I emailed wallbuys Cherry about the 2 x 2-packs of 3400mah pannys that I did not get because of the freeze. She got me a link for 18$ for 4 of those pannys W/ tracking so I took it. Superior customer service from them! FT wont do a damn thing about this freeze…