Fasttech SS C3 - how to remove head

Anyone have this C3 ? It arrived this morning and after further inspection, noticed some dirt on the emitter. I realize it’s a budget light at $8 so I’m not upset about it. I just wanted to know if anyone has this light and has been able to dismantle it enough to get to the reflector and emitter. I’m not sure how to do it and I’d rather not go at it with trial and error.

Remove body, inside head is pill (on the left), stick a screwdriver in one of the holes (outer rim of pill), gently unscrew it, entire emitter, star, pill, and driver unscrew and come out as one unit

WOW…that is one bling blingy flashlight

Thanks a bunch! I saw other versions of this but the pictures of the head internals, but had a different look to that hole used to unscrew the assembly. I just didn’t want to go poking around. It came apart, got cleaned and looks as shiny on the inside as it does on the outside. Although it’s a budget light, I must say that it’s probably the best looking light I own.

Aw man…you shoulda took and posted pics!

Here you go. :bigsmile:

Oh man, I want one now.

$8 plus free shipping to anywhere in the world. It took two weeks and a day for it to get to me. I’m sure most people spend more on snacks per week, so to me, an $8 novelty light of this quality is well worth the money.

driver pics (not the bottom the component side [gotta pry it out with a teeny screwdriver in that little notch…IF it’s not soldered in])? Is it the Hi/Lo/Strobe?

Solid or hollow pill (the metal behind the star…don’t pull the star up but you can tell once you get the driver out)

That’s as far as I went with the dismantling. This version is Hi - Lo - Strobe. I honestly would have liked for it to have no strobe and maybe a lower low, but it’s fine for what it is. It’s rated at 80 lumens on high so a 3 mode one might not have been well spaced unless the low was a moonlight mode.

Well shucks, I just ordered one. I thought I was over the addiction. OrionLight, you are a terrible person |(

Sorry friend… then you’d better not look at another thread in the 18650 category to see what else arrived along with this SS C3…. (Convoy’s S2 - 1040mA) Also a beautiful light, just not quite as blingy.


plus i ordered this Convoy S7 Cree XM-L T6-3C 420-Lumen 4800-5000K 2-Group 3/5-Mode LED Flashlight 1*18650 / AMC7135*3 in stainless steel

lets see you resist the bling OrionLight J)

That does look pretty nice. On the stainless steel, I’m not a fan of the knurling though. For me, it takes away from the smooth look of it. It’s also 3 times the price, so it’s easier to resist. 0:) Plus my new S2 is enough to play with for now.

Spend ~15min. or so with a soft cloth and a dab of Mother's Mag and Aluminium Polish.