FastTech vs. BangGood 18650 Battery Price Comparison ~Revised~

I am looking for 4 x 18650 batteries for my SRK, so I thought I would look at FastTech. I saw BangGood post the other day and thought I would go ahead and check their prices as well…and some are pretty good! Check out the Sony prices (Nevermind on Sony…Thanks to Buwuve for setting me straight on these). They also have a 10% off ‘BLF’ coupon code to boot, so I thought I would do a quick comparison (Not sure if discount includes batteries-see note below…EDIT: It does on Samsung & Panasonic batteries. For some reason it does not work on Sanyos).

Prices include 5% discount for FastTech and 10% discount for BangGood (Samsung & Panasonics only-for Sanyo and Sony code does not work and it says ‘BLF’ coupon is good for use only in “Special Category”. Bangood also includes a quantity discount.

Battery model numbers were hard for me to confirm that they were identical items…so I might be comparing apples to oranges:
|Sanyo 2600 mAh |$20.10|$26.16|
|Samsung 2200 mAh|$15.46|$13.36|
|Samsung 2600 mAh|$16.48|$14.40|
|Samsung 2800 mAh|$20.68|$15.84|
|Samsung 3000 mAh|$21.08|$16.88|
|Panasonic NCR 3100 mAh|$25.88|$25.70|
|Panasonic NCR 3400 mAh|$31.46|$31.00|

Sonys removed due to them not making a retail version, so they were suspect.

It appears BG Beats (Edit: Whoops) FT on 4 different Samsung Batteries, and FT Whoops BG on one Sanyo. They are almost dead even on the Panasonics.

Feel free to correct any mistakes I have made, and I will revise the numbers.

Here are the links:

FT Sanyo 2600 BG Sanyo 2600
FT Samsung 2200 BG Samsung 2200
FT Samsung 2600 BG Samsung 2600
FT Samsung 2800 BG Samsung 2800
FT Samsung 3000 BG Samsung 3000
FT Panasonic NCR 3100 BG Panasonic NCR 3100
FT Panasonic NCR 3400 BG Panasonic NCR 3400

I’ll see if I can edit the table tomorrow with links to each battery…as someone said earlier…tables are a pain!

I got my mimik Skyray King a couple of days ago and my ordered 4x 18650 3400mAh from doingoutdoors should arrive in the next few days I hope.

About the Sony: HKJ test these 2011. Only 1700mAh and clear result: Fake. The big companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, Sanyo Panasonic do not built protected 18650 for end consumer - if such a battery has a nice wrapper (with name etc.) it is a fake.

Other companies like AW, Keeppower, Redilast to name only a few built in the protection and the wrapper. The protected Samsung/Panasonic/Sanyo battereis with the clear wrapper are not assembled by the big companies.

Their 3000mAh TF flames are at an unheard of pricepoint also ;>_<;

I updated the OP w/links to the batteries from FastTech and BangGood. Thanks to Buwuve for the info on Sony batteries. I hope there are no mistakes, but it’s late and I’m tired!

I thought so too…but if you look at BangGood’s TF 3000mAh listing, the price is only for ONE battery…kinda shady since the pic shows TWO.


a mystery solved :wink: They might as well have just picked “BangItGood”. :wink:

Great post, Thank you.

the blf coupon is valid i just tried it on 4 samsung 3000mah & i got $16,88 for 4 of them man thats a bargain??

While the “sanyos” have an attractive price, they do not appear to be authentic.

Thanks for the info FP. Is there something that you can share with the rest of us as to how to tell the difference? How about the Samsungs…do you think they are legit?

Wow….great! I’ll check all the BG batteries with the ‘BLF’ code.

Does BG have any protected batteries? All I can find seem to be unprotected.

My apologies chrono. I must have clicked the wrong links when comparing (or you changed them). :wink: If the BG photos are correct on the Sanyo UR18650FM, the date code appears to be “P26A”. As I understand it, this translates to a production date of the 26th week of 2011. My Sanyo UR18650FM cells from FT show a production date of “R08C”, or the 8th week of 2013. Assuming the bangups are priced per each cell, fasttech is a far better deal and with a newer production date. IMO, these cells are still the best overall bargain in a great performing 18650…. just compare the sustained voltage on the discharge curves.

Sorry Im not a fan of samsung or panny cells so not sure…

Its always great to see someone shopping for the great deals. Thanks for posting. :bigsmile:

edit: you should probably look for protected or raised button top cells for your srk, otherwise you might get insufficient or intermittent contact with the cell tops where they meet the contact plate.

Thanks for the clarification FP :slight_smile:

Just some crapfires and TF 3000 Flames here , but they are pricey…pic shows two batteries, but pricing is for one.

Oh too bad. Thanks for the clarification kronological.

Hi guys, i’m in market for some Panas PF 2900 mah, the price is almost the same, like 1-2$ cheaper on FT. Knowing lately FT shippments are slow, and delays occur, how is BG doing in compassion?

Do they sell the same cells? i heard there are some variations depending on where you get the cells, are BG reliable regarding cells?