FastTech vs Dealextreme

DX check this out!
I’ve placed 2 orders at almost the same value (60$ DX and 66$ FT) 1 at DX on 7 jan and 1 at Fasttech on 8 jan. While the Fasttech order is already here (i’ve picked it up yesterday) the DX order did’nt left HK yet. So i think it’s obvious which will be my option from now on. And another thing i think i should share regarding this post Fandyfire UV-S5 driver replacement help needed , when i realized that i won’t find a driver for replacement i contacted Jasmine from Fasttech and she offered to get one for me from the manufacturer and she did it for FREE. I really really appreciate it Jasmine.
I already have a ~200$ order prepared for Fasttech :slight_smile: can’t wait

Yeah, Fasttech has really been beefing up their inventory too. Plus their search system is way better. I will always go for Fasttech over DX for the shipping speed. Their prices on premium 18650’s are unbeatable too.

I love FastTech.

I think 5 stars is underrating them.

it’s a nobrainer, dx can suck fasttech’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Fasttech is fast, my first order got here in 8 days.

My first Fastech order took 3 1/2 weeks. About the same as Wallbuys or Dino-Direct or DX. Maybe I got unlucky but I didn’t see them being particually fast.

Might try them again sometime but I don’t see any reason to choose them over anyone else.

Yep, I have seen FastTech + Doing Outdoor ship fast. DX + Wallbuys are always the slowest with confusing if not deceptive tracking info.

My last two DX orders took two weeks. The current order needs to arrive early next week to continue the streak.

I bought twice from DD. My first item they sent (tank e09) and the second they plain didnot send it. NO WAY it got lost somewhere. Im more than certain that they were losing money to ship to where I live. I have since then refrained from using them and NOT recommended them to anyone.
EBAY is much better than DD. Go figure.
I just tried FT. No clue how it will turn in the future when I try ‘heavier’ more costly to ship items.

No difference here. Nothing to be excited.
About 10-14 days Fasttech or DX.

Maybe in Europe DX is ok…but in US DX S*S.

Folks, it’s FastTech that’s setting the pace with their leadership and commitments to provide US with a “Normal”, straight forward, and stellar sales practice.

“Other” vendors in Europe can’t compare with them and I’m sick of em.

Only Tmart USA warehouse “may” be good….dunno…haven’t tried em out yet.

where i see the difference is in the expedition date, fasttech sent my orders the next or two days later, sometimes dealextreme takes 5 weeks to send it. ill try to avoid dx when possible

Bought from dx, fasttech, and wallbuys 8 december. Wallbuys appeared 19 or 21 december, dx 22 or 24, and fasttech 27 or 31 december. So that time fasttech were worst. But we’ll see how my 2 fasttech orders from yesterday will do…

I have ordered from both Fast tech took 13 days to the UK where DX took 24 days to the UK, I know who I will be using in the future.

All of those measuring time should identify time till the package was actually accepted by the postal service.

Shipping notice = order pulled from shelf

Accepted by postal service = package actually in their hands

I’ve used some companies that give me a shipping notice and the acceptance date is 4 or more days later.

After the order is pulled, the item needs to be wrapped, postage paid, and then actually be either taken to or picked up by the postal service.

I’ve had WAY too many packages sit in a mail room over a long weekend when the shipping notice says it was shipped on a Thursday.


Also, you will never know how long it actually sits in China Post. The tracking system is China Post's system and it leaves much to be desired. That has absolutely nothing to do with a Vendor. Once it leaves their shop, there is no control. It's up to the whim of the postal system. I think sometimes people get upset with vendors, when the culprit is the postal systems in each country. International tracking is a total joke. I had a package come in today and it still shows that it is sitting in China Post, waiting to be released on a plane. I have had others sit in NY customs for three weeks. All too many times we bad mouth the vendor and there is nothing they can do, just as we can't do anything either.

Registered mail will travel faster, 9 times out of 10. At least it seems to come faster. The problem with DX is that they don't actually ship the product. It's either out of stock or it is waiting to be pulled, packed and shipped. They went to hell when they got too big and couldn't control their business any more.

Fasttech is fast, my first order got here (Greece) in 10 days.

I plan to try fasttech but I should say DX has a huge list of items (but not all in stock).
This month I had two orders from DX and Manafont.
Manafont order shown up at HK-post 2 days later then DX order.
But I have received Manafont order about one week earlier then DX order.
So post office processing time is not a way to measure vendors performance.

My latest DX order took 12days (to NY). Not bad. :slight_smile:

I have never ordered anything from Deal Extreme. Can I get an update on this thread. How are they to deal with? Do they actually have the items they sell in stock or are they ordering it from someone else? What do they do to a shipment if one item is not in stock, do they do partial shipments ? Do they credit back items they can’t fulfill? Any tricks about their shiping to the US one should do to get the package quickly without paying extra for shipping?

In particular I wanted to order a number of different o-rings and tail bap boots in various colors. Some of their reviews by customers claim they ordered an orange or green o-ring but then received black ones instead.

I have recently ordered from Fasttech and the items I received were as advertised on their website. Their shipping is a little strange, the first leg of their shipment is dark. You are sent a order shipped email but the shipping company doesn’t acknowledge an item until it actually hits US soil. They then track it to a hand off to USPS. In total their items reached me in 11 days. But the first 7 days I had no idea what was happening. Maybe it was because their were batteries included in the order.

There is also a company called TMart. Is anyone familiar with them? How are they to order from?