FastTechs huge new selection of Roche flashlights

FasteTech has just put up a huge inventory of Roche lights with every available option of drivers and emitters, including rarely seen XM-L 4C.
Roche Flashlights

Just saw that today. Wow, quite a selection of emitters/colors/drivers. I really like the T4 3C. How is the quality of this brand?

Very high quality.

Very high is too much really.

Ouch that selction is too much, I’m getting old, takes too long to work out what I want!

I do like the tan coloured lights, all very nice indeed

I’m debating between these two not sure the real differences;

Roche M170 3* Cree XM-L U2-1A 3-Mode 2400-Lumen LED Flashlight

Roche M170 3* Cree XM-L T6-3C 3-Mode 2400-Lumen LED Flashlight

Ambassador, you are really spoiling us. :bigsmile:

One real difference is that XM-L U2 and XM-L T6 cannot have the same brightness.

U2 1A is cool white with a tinge of blue, T6 3C is neutral white, with a tinge of yellow and green.

Thanks……I missed that part :slight_smile:

I’d like to have this one/Roche(with democratic price…):

anyone had this?

how long till they have f8 hosts I wonder…

Slight thread derailment

Can any of you 4C tint fans tell me if that particular tint helps tone down the tint shift , is the spill less blue ?

Thanks .

Do they really have those stocks or are the stocks made-to-order? That is, only put in the drivers and emitters when someone actually orders? And have pre-made stocks for those common combinations?

jack, I think you’ll love the 4c tint tbh its my favourite, an f8 2.8a 4c would really suit you down to the ground, trust gords on this :bigsmile:

that dc8 looks tasty too 8)

Just placed an order for some modding bits and pieces and had to add the F8 in desert tan with the t6-4c 2.8a……

F8 with XM-L T6 4C with 2.8A driver is great. I know because I just built one. Now FT is selling the same one for less than it cost me to build. I had fun though. The FastTeck F8 also has a cigar grip, which I don’t have…and want.

Gords. I sent FastTech a request for Roche hosts this morning.

Is there a clip for this…a Roche clip…per se :bigsmile:

Yes . But can this Roche F12 be clipped ?

Specifically , the same one I put on my XIAOZHI ...